WWE Rumors: Multiple Wrestlers, Mostly Male, Might Leave WWE In Coming Months, Per ‘WrestlingNews.co’


If the latest from the WWE rumor mill is on the level, it might not be long before several wrestlers leave or get released by the company. While no names have been mentioned so far, reports suggest that WWE’s ongoing focus on building up and promoting its women’s division might point to most of the released talents being male.

According to a report from WrestlingNews.co, many of WWE’s main roster wrestlers are “looking at their options,” as the general feeling in the locker room is that the company’s usual wave of mass releases is coming “sooner [rather] than later” due to the unusually large size of the roster. Several NXT wrestlers are reportedly due for a call-up to the main roster, and since these developmental talents will add to the roster bloat, this could point to a number of underutilized main roster wrestlers getting “wished the best in their future endeavors,” or released from the company.

A source familiar with the situation told WrestlingNews.co that there’s a good chance WWE’s female talents won’t be that affected by the rumored mass releases, due to the company’s efforts to grow the women’s roster and build up interest in women’s wrestling.

“People feel like the women are safe for the most part because they are still building that roster. But some of the guys know that they could be on the chopping block and they are looking at the lay of the land to and figuring out their strategy for their exit.”

Although many wrestlers still consider a job with WWE to be the pinnacle of success in their career, the report added that most of the locker room isn’t worried about the possibility that their weeks or days in the company are numbered. With rival companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling now standing out as viable alternatives that could offer good pay and exposure, wrestlers are less scared to leave WWE than they were about two years ago, WrestlingNews.co’s source added.

In addition to the multiple unnamed wrestlers looking at the possibility of signing with the aforementioned rival promotions, the source also mentioned that one wrestler, in particular, is “looking at going to Hollywood” and focusing on an acting career. Another wrestler reportedly created a new YouTube account and non-WWE-affiliated social media accounts for his YouTube show, which he plans to launch in the event he gets sacked by WWE.

As mentioned above, the WrestlingNews.co report did not drop any specific names nor did it hint at a possible timeline for WWE’s rumored mass releases. The publication, however, speculated that the releases might be “coming soon,” as reports from earlier this year suggested WWE was holding off on mass releases while negotiating new television deals. In May, Dirty Sheets also claimed that WWE wanted to wait until Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks’ All In independent wrestling event wrapped up before culling its roster, so as to prevent newly released talents from signing up for the show, which will take place on September 1.