Meghan McCain Said She Wouldn’t Have Gotten Married So Quickly If It Weren’t For Donald Trump

Cindy OrdGetty Images

The Hill reported Friday that The View co-host Megan McCain claimed that she might not have married her husband so quickly if President Trump had not been elected in 2016.

During Friday’s episode of The View, McCain revealed that she had a theory about her quick engagement to husband Ben Domenech, claiming that Trump’s presidency pushed the two closer together.

McCain noted that then-candidate Trump’s GOP nomination was a turning point in her relationship with her husband, explaining that the “rise of Trump” caused her to quickly fall in love with her husband. According to McCain, the intensity of Trump’s supporters and his campaign and the looming threat of war intensified the couple’s relationship.

“I have this theory because I got together with my husband very quickly, which I never do,” she started. “We moved in very quickly.”

“I have this theory,” McCain continued, “that Trump’s America makes everything more intense and heightened, because we’re always talking about the threat of nuclear war and we want to be nurtured by each other.”

McCain went on to say that she felt like President Trump’s nomination and endorsement during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was what made them decide to get engaged so quickly. During Trump’s nomination, McCain claimed, “I cried and cried and cried to him in an SUV back to our hotel room,” she explained, “and he got me P.F. Chang’s and I thought, maybe I can marry this guy.”

McCain also added, however, that she might not have married her husband in the first place if it were not for Trump’s presidential campaign and eventual nomination.

“For real, I would not have gotten together with my husband if Trump didn’t become the nominee and weren’t running for president,” she said candidly. “A hundred percent.”

McCain then jokingly “thanked” President Trump for helping her get together with her husband, turning to face the camera. Addressing the president directly, she said, “Thank you, I guess, for helping me get married.”

McCain married Domenech on November 21, 2017, on her family’s farm in Arizona, shortly after her father, Senator John McCain, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

On the day after her wedding, McCain took to Twitter and tweeted, “‘We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.’ I love you.”

Meghan McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, is a conservative commentator and writer and the publisher of the online magazine, The Federalist.