‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Her Worst Date Ever And Why It Ended In Just A Few Seconds

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Dating is something many people find to be on the difficult side. Luckily, there are many, many online dating apps nowadays that attempt to make finding that potential special someone just a tad bit easier. However, just because you connect with someone online, don’t mean you’ll connect with them in person, which is something This Is Us star, Chrissy Metz, can attest to firsthand

Metz, 37, recently revealed to Us Weekly how her go at online dating was definitely not a “love at first sight” type of situation. In fact, she and her blind date never even got up to a formal introduction as the date ended before it even began.

“Years ago, before online dating was even cool or acceptable, I go, ‘Oh, I’ll meet you at this bar or whatever’ and we’re walking toward each other and we both see each other and without even a beat we just turned around,” Metz said. “We both mutually were not even interested in having a date,” she added.

While the American Horror Story actress didn’t go into detail as to why the interest was immediately gone when the two saw each other, she also wasn’t too choked up about it either. She also believes that sometimes “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.”

“Here’s the thing, it’s never personal. If someone’s not into you, it has nothing to do with you, it’s what they need or what they want. And I’m like, ‘If you’re not getting down with it, good. Thank you for … as we always say, ‘God’s rejection is your protection’ … You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.”


After a horrible dating experience, most people tend to not put themselves back out there for a while, but rather than let a bad dating situation get her down, Metz uses it to her advantage when it comes to her work as an actress as she feels “meeting strange people” is a great way for her to prep for upcoming auditions.

“It’s great as an actress, because no matter what, even a terrible date is great information … So I embrace whatever happens and I love that awkwardness. It also helps meeting strange people … when you go on auditions, you’re really, I think you’re prepping.”

Metz maintains a positive attitude toward dating as she still hopes to find her one and only. The Sierra Burgess Is a Loser actress split with her cameraman boyfriend, Josh Stancil, earlier this year. The two met on the set of her hit NBC show back in 2016 and began dating shortly after.

While she hopes the right man is out there somewhere, Metz reveals that she is “particular” about what she’s looking for in a potential mate and she will not “settle” for anything less than.

“Should it happen and should it be meant to be, it will be. But also getting older, I’m particular. I’m particular about the things I don’t want to settle for.”

Metz’s ex-beau might have worked in the same industry as her, but that doesn’t mean the next guy has to.

“I think it’d be cool to date somebody in the industry only because they get what’s going on,” Metz said. “But I also think people outside of it can bring a whole other layer to your life. You know, I’m open,” she confirmed.

Aside from her goal to meet a guy she can spend the rest of her life with, the Golden Globe-nominated actress is currently in the middle of shooting Season 3 of This Is Us, which will premiere on September 25 on NBC.