While Justify Is Paraded For The Last Time, American Pharaoh's Half-Sister, Chasing Yesterday, Wins Debut Race

Since Gallant Fox's win in 1930, every decade that has seen an American Triple Crown winner hosts at least two more. The 1930s, 1940s, and 1970s all bore witness to at least three winners, and the 2010s have seen both American Pharaoh and Justify win the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. If this trend continues, we might see another winner before 2020.

The Triple Crown is a trio of races that consist of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. If a horse manages to win all three, they're put down in history as a Triple Crown winner. As the winner of the 2018 Triple Crown, the thoroughbred stallion Justify, is retiring to Kentucky. There, he will live out the rest of his life as a stud, and his prestigious bloodline will carry on into future racehorses.

However, it's important to remember that the horse isn't the only one responsible for the big win. Trainer Bob Baffert is being put in the Hall of Fame due to his work training both American Pharaoh and Justify. He has worked with other horses, many of which went on to earn high honors. In fact, he trained Silver Charm, Real Quiet, and War Emblem, horses that won two-thirds of the Triple Crown races.

On Saturday, the seaside down of Del Mar hosted a thoroughbred race. At this race, visitors were able to watch as Justify was paraded for the last time. However, the champion stallion was not the only thing Bob Baffert was presenting. He is responsible for training Chasing Yesterday, a two-year-old who made her debut at the race.

The filly is a half-sister to Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh. She was foaled by the same mother, Littleprincessemma, but sired by a different father -- a leading stud named Tapit. Her rider was Mike Smith, the same man who jockeyed Justify in the Triple Crown.

In an amazing win, she pulled past her rival Honeyfromthesouth, winning the race in under 65 seconds. According to the Los Angeles Times, Baffert was pleased with her performance.

"We thought she was a nice filly and was working well. It looks like she handled business."

It also seems Justify could be responsible for inspiring his barnmate. Chasing Yesterday and Justify are apparently good friends, being kept next to one another in the Baffert barn. When asked about the horses' friendship, Baffert said, "I think he's going to miss her because she's right next to him and that's his girlfriend."

While this race is no guarantee that she'll move on to win the Triple Crown, this marks an impressive debut on her record.