October 30, 2018
Emily Ratajkowski Strikes A Sexy Pose In Thong Bikini While Sitting On Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Emily Ratajkowski shared a new photo that her fans absolutely love. In the picture, Emily is sitting on a yellow Harley while holding onto the handlebars. She's wearing a green cropped tank top and a polka-dot thong bikini bottom. Emily's also wearing some white sneakers, and her hair is casually tousled. The photo shows off her toned legs and booty, while the motorcycle gives her a bit of an edgy vibe. Her caption on the photo is the word "Hell's" followed by an angel emoji.

On Thursday, Emily was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she talked a little bit about her husband, Sebastian, her Inamorata swimsuit line, and even ate a New York taco. Jimmy asked her about whether she manages the Inamorata Instagram page, or whether she has interns, and Emily confirmed that she's the one in charge.

Fallon pointed out a photo of Cher that she'd uploaded at one point, and suggested that it may be out of line with her swimsuit theme. However, Emily explained that the photo exudes the essence of Inamorata.

"Cher is always goals... just be Cher. I mean the woman would wake up and just be like I'm putting on sequin bathing suit top today and I'm going to feel good about it. That's who I want to be. I'm trying to emulate her," she elaborated.

She also talked about how the nickname "Emrata" is one that she got way back in high school. The two also discussed Emily's role in a new thriller movie, Welcome Home, that will be released this fall. She is starring in the movie alongside Aaron Paul, and it was directed by George Ratliff, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is about a couple that's staying in a rental home, as Emily mentioned something like "Airbnb or VRBO." The trip is supposed to be about the couple working out their relationship problems, but turns into a thriller once the homeowner has different plans for them.

In other news, Emily was recently seen at Miami Beach with her new husband, Sebastian McClard, who she referred to as "Sebo" during the interview with Fallon. She has been traveling quite a bit lately, and was seen in New York City and also spent some time in Greece.

While in Greece, in addition to getting paid $1.5 million for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new luxury mall, Emily took the opportunity to take tons of amazing bikini photos that she shared on her Instagram.