Food Blogger Victoria Moon Erickson Missing In Texas, Sightings Reported

Food blogger Victoria Moon Erickson of Atlanta has been traveling the country and documenting her food experiences, but family and friends are concerned when her posts — and contact with the 31-year-old — ceased suddenly earlier this month.

Erickson is a vegan blogger, and had been working and staying at Pat Greer’s Kitchen on West Clay in Houston. And while Erickson’s personal effects — including her dog, car, computer, cell phone and ID are all still at the restaurant, the writer has not been seen or heard from since January 21. There are some indications that Erickson may be alive if not confirmed to be well, but the case has gained traction overall since getting some notice on Reddit.

Victoria arrived in Houston on January 16, and her brother Paul Samford became alarmed when she vanished — leaving her pet behind. He wrote:

“Pat [Greer] discovered that Vicky was missing from her room Monday… Her dog, cellphone, wallet ID, and car were all still there but no Vicky. The most troubling info here is that she left her dog. That is VERY unlike Vicky to be apart from him.”

Greer commented:

“It’s like she just vanished… I mean, all her stuff, everything is here. It’s just bizarre.”

However, hope may be surfacing in a case that would worry any family member or friend. While Victoria Moon Erickson ostensibly vanished, friends elsewhere report having come into contact with the vegan writer after she went missing.

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When confronted with the news family and friends had been searching frantically, she is said to have replied of her possessions and dog “that stuff belongs to Vicky and I’m not Vicky anymore.” Other reports indicate that Erickson may be hitchhiking in the direction of California, and may also be “disoriented.”

Relatives of Victoria Moon Erickson say they are concerned with her health and hope she chooses to get in touch.