Tom Brady Walks Off After Reporter Asks About Connection Between His Trainer And Julian Edelman PED Suspension

The Patriots quarterback shook his head, saying the question is 'ridiculous.'

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Steven Senne / AP Images

The Patriots quarterback shook his head, saying the question is 'ridiculous.'

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was recently suspended for the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED); after speaking with reporters at training camp on Saturday, Edelman came forward, taking full responsibility, according to Boston Globe. His suspension will take Edelman out of the first four games of the upcoming season. Eldelman stood by trainer Alex Guerrero when questioned about the PED use, and answered if it had any relation to his work with Guerrero.

Alex Guerrero is the trainer who worked with Edelman and Tom Brady at Brady’s TB12 Sports Therapy Center. The business is located near Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play their games, for an extended length of time. This is not the first time Guerrero’s name has come up in regards to Edelman’s PED usage and suspension. Most recently, Tom Brady walked away from a reporter who inquired about the association between Julian Edelman and Alex Guerrero, cites Mike Petraglia in a Twitter status.

Shortly after Edelman’s suspension, Guerrero released his own statement in June, to address the issue. He told reporters that athletes of Edelman’s caliber work frequently with various athletic trainers. During his statement, Guerrero also spoke out about his personal training methods.

“…a natural, holistic, appropriate and, above all, legal approach to training and recovery for all of our clients.”

The Patriots quarterback seemed to take offense when a reporter approached him with a question surrounding Eldelman and Guerrero, Brady’s body coach.

“Tom, when Julian tested positive, a lot of people connected it to Alex Guerrero,” the reporter asked Brady, finishing with, “What’s your reaction to that? Do you think it’s fair?” Brady refused to fully acknowledge the question. Before walking away in aggravation, shaking his head, the quarterback made only one brief remark.

“I have no comment. It is just ridiculous. I’m out. See you guys.”

Trainer Guerrero and Tom Brady have a close relationship. Brady, 41-years-old, has often given Guerrero credit for his health, longevity, and conditioning, citing the regimens his trainer uses. In fact, Brady and Guerrero are partners at Brady’s TB12 business.

Edelman, who had trained with Guerrero for several season, did try for an appeal of the suspension he’d received; however, the appeal was denied. It was only after news began to circulate regarding Edelman’s suspension that the buzz of speculation about the possibility of Guerrero’s involvement in Edelman testing positive for PED took hold.

Edelman’s own statement to journalists regarding his time spend training with Guerrero, as well as his PED use, which he has credited only to himself, is simple. He wishes to leave the past in the past, moving forward with hopes to getting back to the game at some point.