Prince Harry Reportedly Had A Fake Name For His Social Media Accounts, A Nod To His Family History

Royals are not allowed to have personal social media accounts, for obvious reasons.

prince harry used to have a social media account
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Royals are not allowed to have personal social media accounts, for obvious reasons.

Prince Harry allegedly had a social media account and used a fake name – since obviously, it wouldn’t do for a Royal to do social media. And as This Insider reports, the name he allegedly used was “Spike Wells.”

Being a Royal has to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, there’s the almost unimaginable wealth, the admiration and respect of (almost) an entire nation and its Commonwealth, and the honor of being the living representative of centuries of tradition. On the other hand, there’s the pressure, the public scrutiny, and the inability to escape the paparazzi. Oh – and you can’t have social media accounts, either, as Meghan Markle found out when she got engaged to Harry.

That doesn’t mean that Harry didn’t try to find a way around one of the more mundane and least consequential rules of Royalty. Especially during a more rebellious period in his life – viz, when he was in college.

For a few years, a social media account under the name “Spike Wells” was active, and as The Telegraph reported in 2012, the mystery user had about 400 friends, most of whom were among the wealthiest and most powerful people in England and the United Kingdom. That would seem about right if the owner was indeed the Prince.

Some more evidence that the account was Prince Harry’s? The name “Spike” was reportedly a nickname Harry used among his college friends, considering that he liked to wear his hair spiked at the time. And though Prince Harry doesn’t officially have a last name, he and his brother a part of the Wales section of the Royal Family. Their father, Prince Charles, is styled as the Prince of Wales, a title that Harry’s brother, William, will inherit when Charles ascends to the throne. And the name on Harry’s Army uniform, where any other British soldier would have his or her last name, was “Wales.” “Wales” sounds like “Wells,” especially in an English accent.

And in the final bit of evidence that “Spike Wells” was really Harry, there’s this: the account went down not long after naked pictures of Harry partying it up in Las Vegas hit the celebrity gossip magazines.

Harry is not the only Royal to have allegedly defied the Royal Family’s no-social-media rule: his cousin, Princess Beatrice, also reportedly has an Instagram account, described by This Insider as “not so secret.” Unfortunately, the @beayork account is set to Private, meaning that it can only be seen by people approved by Princess Beatrice – excuse me, the “unidentified account holder.”