‘Dead Space 3’: Developer Visceral Games Defends PC Port

Last week, Visceral Games delivered sour news to PC gamers: The PC version of Dead Space 3 will be a straight port of the console version. In other words, no higher-resolution textures, no DirectX 11 support, and only the bare minimum of graphics options.

Naturally, the news set internet forums and comment sections ablaze.

Speaking with Shack News, Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis explained why, exactly, the PC version will more or less be the same as the console version – and the reason isn’t likely to calm any nerves.

“It’s confusing to me that this question even comes up,” Papoutsis told the site. “It’s by no means any less important to us; it gets a lot of attention. The PC is a very different platform. As developers, you want to deliver an experience that’s as similar as possible on different platforms.

“At our studio, we’ve always made console games,” he added. “The biggest thing is we want to make sure the quality of the experience is consistent across all platforms so we don’t have one userbase saying it’s better on their system.”

While Visceral isn’t adding in any PC-exclusive bells and whistles to Dead Space 3, that doesn’t mean you’ll be without any perks. Dead Space 2 allowed for better anti-aliasing and the ability to hit 60 frames per second (with capable hardware), and there’s been no indication that you’ll be without any of those in Dead Space 3.

What’s your take on this? Does Dead Space 3 need to have any PC-exclusive enhancements before you will throw down your hard-earned money, or is a straight port enough?