School Superintendent Accused Of Pooping On High School Track Resigns, But Maintains His Innocence

The New Jersey school superintendent who allegedly defecated on a rival high school's track resigned from his post earlier this week but has insisted that he was not the so-called "mystery pooper" that was repeatedly caught on camera doing his business on the track.

According to the New York Daily News, the Kenilworth, New Jersey school board accepted the resignation of superintendent Thomas Tramaglini on Thursday, close to three months after he was arrested and charged with public defecation, lewdness, and littering. The report suggests that Tramaglini might have been forced to resign, as the school board said in a recent bulletin that his continued presence as superintendent conflicted with the goals and values of the school district.

"Based on events unrelated to his service for Kenilworth, it has become clear to both Dr. Tramaglini and the Kenilworth Board of Education that his continued service as Superintendent of Schools has become too much of a distraction to the main mission of the district," the board announced, as quoted by the New York Post.

Amid the continued allegations suggesting that Thomas Tramaglini was the "mystery pooper" who befouled Holmdel High School's track in late April, his lawyer, Matthew Adams, issued a statement maintaining his client's innocence and saying that the recently resigned superintendent will continue fighting the charges against him. According to Adams, Tramaglini's resignation should not "be construed as an acknowledgment of guilt."

Furthermore, Adams' statement suggests that Tramaglini might be taking legal action against Holmdel police over the mug shot that was taken following his arrest. Adams stressed that Tramaglini's mug shot should not have been snapped at police headquarters, as the charges levied against him were merely "low-level" municipal offenses.

"It's like getting photographed and fingerprinted for a speeding ticket," Adams remarked.

"It is our position that the photograph that has been widely disseminated was unlawfully taken and maliciously distributed."
All in all, Thomas Tramaglini is seeking more than $1 million in damages due to the loss of reputation and income, emotional distress, and the alleged invasion of his privacy. The New York Post noted that the purported "mystery pooper" and his legal team are also asking local authorities to release the surveillance videos that supposedly showed him defecating on the Holmdel High track "on a daily basis."

Thomas Tramaglini is one of a number of individuals who were reportedly caught on camera in recent months while defecating in a public place with malicious intent. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Colorado woman dubbed as the "Mad Pooper" was regularly caught taking a dump on neighbors' lawns during her morning jog and targeting one family's lawn in particular, though as of this writing, the woman has yet to be identified or arrested.

In a separate incident documented by USA Today, another female was caught on camera and arrested in May for allegedly defecating on the floor of a Tim Hortons restaurant in British Columbia, then throwing her excrement at a worker. The report suggests that the woman acted out after being denied access to the women's restroom for safety reasons.

Tramaglini, who reportedly earned close to $150,000 annually and went on a paid leave of absence after his arrest, will resign effective on September 30, the New York Post added.