Lucy Hale Flaunts Her Backside In Sporty Bikini And Shows Off Tattoos

Lucy Hale just proved that a bikini doesn't have to be teeny to be sexy. Many celebrities like to flaunt their figures in barely-there string bikinis and thongs, but the 29-year-old Pretty Little Liars star chose to rock a more modest two-piece during a tropical getaway.

On Sunday, Lucy Hale took to Instagram to show off her sporty swimwear. For her poolside snapshot, she rocked a blue and white striped bikini with a sports bra-style top and bottoms with thick side straps. The bathing suit provided quite a bit of coverage, but the angle of Hale's cheeky picture had some of her followers gushing over how great her backside looks in it. She gave them a close-up view of her butt by lying on her stomach and looking back at the camera, which was positioned near her pert posterior. Her short dark hair was wet, so it looks like she had just taken a dip in the pool before the picture was taken.

"Dayum Lucy got back!" wrote one fan.

"Omfg nice booty," another remarked.

Some of Lucy Hale's Instagram followers also commented on the two tattoos that are visible on her right side in the photo. One of them is a crescent moon and the other is a few words in cursive that are difficult to make out.

"Hey, so what does that tattoo on your side say?" asked one fan.

According to Wetpaint, the words inked on Hale's rib cage read, "Catch the foxes for us," which is a Bible verse from Song of Solomon. Many of the actress' tattoos have meanings, but she told Refinery 29 that she got the crescent moon inking simply because she wanted it.

As reported by Bustle, Hale has at least 10 tattoos. They include the words "I love you" written in her grandmother's handwriting, a C.S. Lewis quote, a tiny elephant, a small bow on the back of her neck, an evil eye, and a Pretty Little Liars-inspired letter "A" on her "Shhh!" finger.

At least one of Hale's tats is a souvenir from a trip. According to The Daily Mail, she got the petite pachyderm body art on her right arm during a humanitarian trip to Cambodia. She and one of her close pals, producer Anne Breiter, are currently enjoying a tropical vacation in an undisclosed location, so she just might leave with a new work of body art.

In a video shared on her Instagram stories, Lucy Hale revealed that she and Anne Breiter celebrated their 10-year "friendaversary" during their trip. She also shared a snapshot of her and her BFF rocking large sombreros while they were taking a dip in their hotel pool, so perhaps one of the festive hats will be the inspiration for her next tat.