Kate Gosselin Posts Sweet Photo Of Two Of Her ‘Girls’

The 'Kate Plus 8' star showcases a sweet sisterhood on her Instagram page.

Kate Gosselin
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Iamges

The 'Kate Plus 8' star showcases a sweet sisterhood on her Instagram page.

Kate Gosselin is a mom of eight, but she doesn’t go overboard when it comes to posting pictures of her kids on her social media platforms. But the Kate Plus 8 star clearly couldn’t resist sharing a sweet photo of one of her sextuplet daughters and one of the family’s three dogs, Nanuq.

Kate Gosselin recently posted an Instagram photo of her daughter Leah cozying up to the beloved family pet. The reality star captioned it, “Just a couple of my girls.” Gosselin also included the hashtag #sisterlove to show that Nanuq is as much a sister to her squad as Mady, Cara, Hannah, Alexis, and Leah are.

Gosselin’s Instagram page features a mix of birthday cake pics and photos of her many pets, but she doesn’t overdo it with the kid pics.

The last time the TLC star posted a photo of her kids to social media was in May in honor of her sextuplets’ 14th birthday. When she does post pics of her kids, Kate sometimes features them with one of her King German Shepherd dogs. In addition to Nanuq, the family’s pet brood includes Shoka and Mak.

Earlier this year, Gosselin captioned an Instagram photo of her daughter Alexis kissing their dog Mak. Kate captioned the pic with, “The love between my human children and my furry children continues to melt my heart on a daily basis! Mak just can’t love us enough– and we feel the same about him! We adore him!”

And in January, Kate also posted a photo of her daughter Hannah snuggling with their dog Shoka.

Kate Gosselin has always made it clear that her dogs are an important part of her family. The 43-year-old reality star, who famously split from ex-husband Jon Gosselin in 2009 after 10 years of marriage, has said that any potential man in her life needs to be a dog person. When Gosselin’s upcoming dating reality show, Kate Plus Date, was announced earlier this year, the TLC star told People that she would welcome a man into her busy life—as long as he loves dogs.

“I would love my kids to have a mutual friendship and respect with this guy and for him to be someone they can ask for advice,” Gosselin told People. “It would be great for my kids to have someone they can feel like is a real friend. And most of all, [they] must love dogs. That is such a deal-breaker. People disappoint you, but your dogs never will.”