Demi Lovato’s Mother Saw Her Downward Spiral Before Overdose, But Felt Powerless To Stop It, ‘People’ Reports

Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP Images

Demi Lovato’s mother watched for weeks as her daughter descended into partying and substance abuse, but could do nothing to stop it, a new report claims.

In the days after the actress and singer’s overdose that sent her to a Los Angeles hospital, there have been reports of the slow downward spiral as she and a group of friends partied through the night. Now, People magazine reports that Demi’s family members watched in horror as she relapsed into substance abuse after nearly six years of sobriety and refused their attempts to help her.

The report noted that Demi’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, was well aware that her daughter was struggling with drug abuse, but felt powerless to say anything about it.

“Her mother’s a very sweet person who has zero — when I say zero, she has zero say,” an insider said of Demi’s mother. “I’ve worked with a lot of kids. All those mothers [in Hollywood], become not-mothers. They become slaves to their kids.”

The source said that Demi’s mother was “like a slave to her,” doing whatever Demi wanted. The source said that by the time Demi was 16, she was the one paying all the bills in the house and decided that she called all the shots.

Demi’s mother had previously been open about her daughter’s struggles with drugs and alcohol, saying she helped Demi go to rehab after another incident in which she punched a backup singer. Lovato’s mother has been by her side since the overdose, reports noted.

People also reported that those around Demi Lovato are afraid she may not yet be at rock bottom, and that she has been off the wagon for quite some time and hiding her addiction. The sources claimed that Demi has been enjoying her partying and will only go to rehab if she feels ready for it.

This comes after a previous report from TMZ that friends and family tried to stage an intervention for Demi, but the singer didn’t seem interested in getting help. There was also speculation that Demi’s decision to fire her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, came because of his involvement in the attempted intervention. Around that same time, Demi also ended her longtime relationship with CAST Recovery, the rehab center she attended and later became a spokesperson for.

There have been reports that Demi Lovato has agreed to attend rehab after her overdose, but the singer has not offered any comment publicly about it.