Prince George Is Yearning For Some Independence, Pulling Away From Little Sister Princess Charlotte

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have always seemed quite close to one another. Granted, the future king has always seemed a little more stoic than his little sister, but he has always seemed to enjoy being a big brother. Now, however, it seems he’s craving a little independence and space from his busy younger sister.

People notes that this has been a big year for Prince George. Of course, he just became a big brother again with Prince Louis joining the family, and he started a new school. He seemed to take his role in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding quite seriously, and he looked quite proper at little Louis’ christening recently.

On the other hand, Princess Charlotte tends to be somewhat more animated in her royal appearances. She can be stern, like when she told reporters at the christening that they were not joining the family for the tea after the service. At the same time, she has her princess-style wave down pat now and she’s been known to give some sweet and charming looks when she’s out with her family.

Despite having somewhat different personalities, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been quite tight these past couple of years. However, now that he has turned 5-years-old, it seems he’s somewhat less interested in playing with his sister non-stop. A source says that they do remain quite close, but apparently, George likes to do his own thing more and more and he’s becoming increasingly independent.

As many fans of the royal family would likely guess, Prince George is known to be fairly reserved when he’s in public and in front of the cameras, whereas Princess Charlotte tends to be more at ease. It seems, however, that once he warms up to someone, he’s quite charming and talkative.

George seems to do a good job of following his mother and father’s lead when it comes to royal behavior at appearances. At the same time, he’s apparently a fairly normal, rambunctious little guy when he’s able to relax and let loose in more private settings.

Learning that Prince George wants to do his own thing a bit more now that he’s 5-years-old, obtaining a bit of distance from his 3-year-old sister, sounds like a pretty normal shift for any young boy. As W Magazine details, Kate has made a concerted effort to keep the lives of her little ones as normal as possible. Based on these latest reports, that approach seems to be working pretty well for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.