Eggs Are Good For You, Again [Study]

Robert Jonathan

Confused about eggs in your diet and the possible risk of heart disease? That's understandable.

A lot of contradictory back and forth has occurred in the medical community about whether eating eggs is a good idea for your health. A new study, however, indicates that despite the cholesterol issue, consuming one egg a day appears to be okay.

The New York Times summarizes the findings of this recent egg study:

"Researchers reviewed eight prospective studies including 263,938 subjects and pooled the data for analysis. They found no evidence that eating up to an egg a day increased the risk of heart disease or stroke. The results were the same for men and women and in all age ranges."

The study, published in the BMJ journal, concluded as follows:

"Higher consumption of eggs (up to one egg per day) is not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke. The increased risk of coronary heart disease among diabetic patients and reduced risk of hemorrhagic stroke associated with higher egg consumption in subgroup analyses warrant further studies."
"About 200 studies over the past 25 years have looked at the link between eggs and heart disease and found that it's not the cholesterol, but saturated fat that ups the risk of heart disease. An egg happens to be relatively high in cholesterol, but very low in saturated fat, and that's why foods like eggs and shell fish have been re-categorized as 'not so bad for you.' "