WWE News: Christian Analyzes Roman Reigns’ And Bobby Lashley’s Recent Matches, Edge Critiques ‘The Dominator’

Edge reveals what he thinks is Lashley’s missing ingredient, and Christian weighs in on the recent matches between Roman and Bobby.

Edge and Christian critique Reigns and Lashley

Edge reveals what he thinks is Lashley’s missing ingredient, and Christian weighs in on the recent matches between Roman and Bobby.

On Monday’s Raw, WWE superstars Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley squared off in the main event. The two WWE superstars faced each other the previous Sunday at Extreme Rules, and Lashley won that match clean. On Monday, the two met in the ring to decide who would challenge Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship. The program between the two has exceeded expectations for many fans and pundits. Lashley ended up returning the favor from Extreme Rules, and Roman Reigns beat him clean on Raw to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship.

On the latest episode of Edge and Christian’s podcast, E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, the two former WWE superstars weighed in on Lashley and Reigns. Edge had not yet seen the Raw match, but Christian gave his opinion of the contest. Christian praised Reigns and Lashley for both of their recent matches. “Captain Charisma” said that “The Dominator” has improved greatly since his time away from the WWE and his recent return. Personality wise, Christian said that Lashley has a lot of room to grow. As for as in-ring performance, “Captain Charisma” said that Bobby is on point.

The former WWE superstar said that their contest at Extreme Rules could have main-evented any major pay-per-view, and it would have blown the doors off the arena.

WWE superstars Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns.

He especially liked that Lashley went over clean at Extreme Rules, and he described their rematch on Raw as really good, and he liked that Reigns got to go over clean on that meeting. As heard in the audio below, Christian then addressed the hate that Roman gets from much of the WWE universe.

“I get why it’s the cool thing to hate Roman and this and that, but what it boils down to is, it doesn’t matter at this point whether he’s booed or cheered. People are invested in him, whether they hate him or love him. They react to him, and the dude’s f*cking good, so whatever.”

Edge then weighed in on what he feels is Bobby Lashley’s missing ingredient, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“I just don’t buy that [Lashley] can be mean. When he sets up for anything I don’t believe it. When I look at him — wow. Then I look at his face and I don’t buy it. I know that sounds like a knock and Bobby’s a great guy but that to me, has always been the missing ingredient.”

WWE superstar Bobby Lashley.

The former WWE champion added that Reigns sometimes struggles with the same thing as Lashley, but for the most part, it seems that both Edge and Christian are impressed with Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns.