Hailey Baldwin Reportedly ‘Melted’ When She Heard Fiance Justin Bieber’s New Single, ‘No Brainer’

The singer's lyrics could possibly be about his fiancé.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Put Love On Display In The Bahamas
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The singer's lyrics could possibly be about his fiancé.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have already shown that they have no problems sharing how much they love each other with the world, as they have been photographed many times engaging in some serious PDA while out in public. Now that the couple is engaged, it kind of seems fitting that they would want to show their love for one another in other ways.

Luckily, Bieber can do so through song and recently teamed up with DJ Khaled for the music producer’s new single, “No Brainer,” which dropped on Friday. According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Baldwin “melted” when she heard it.

Fans who have heard the song might have guessed that there’s a chance that when Bieber’s verse hits, the woman he’s singing about is none other than the model herself. With lyrics such as “Demanded my attention, had to give it up/Look like somebody designed you/Drop-dead gorgeous, you make me wanna live it up,” it kind of seems like a “no brainer” he is referring to his fiancé.

According to a source, Baldwin, 21, came to this conclusion as well, and not only did she melt when she heard the song, but she was “turned on.”

“Hailey melted when Justin told her she helped inspire some of his vocals in his new song. Justin always reminds her that she is drop dead gorgeous and that she moves his soul, so hearing him sing the words in the song means a lot to her. Being a part of Justin’s music makes Hailey feel special and she has been listening to his new song non-stop.”


When mentioning “his soul,” the source was referring to the part of Bieber’s verse when he belts out, “Your presence is critical/Movin’ my soul, yeah you’re spiritual.” The “spiritual” part could possibly have something to do with the fact that Bieber and Baldwin are very committed to their faith.

Apparently, Baldwin got an exclusive listen to the track before it was even released as she was with her man while he was in the recording studio with DJ Khaled himself.

“She thinks he is so amazingly talented and watching him work in the studio is a total turn-on,” said the source. “She felt so lucky to be with Justin when he laid down some of the vocals for his new song with DJ Khaled and she thinks it is awesome to have been able to watch it come together now that it is out for the world to enjoy too,” the source added.

The couple has been together less than two months and although that didn’t stop them from getting engaged on July 7, the duo is still relishing in their “so-called honeymoon phase,” which the “Never Say Never” singer is counting on to last the rest of their lives.

“He honestly believes that the euphoria he feels for her is going to last forever. The so-called honeymoon phase is something he believes will not just be a phase, but a way of life. That is why he is so excited to be with her.”

This was the second time that the “Love Yourself” singer and Khaled collaborated together. Bieber was also featured in the DJ’s 2017 single, “I’m the One.” Khaled recently admitted that he would totally be willing to perform at the couple’s wedding.