July 27, 2018
Jessica Simpson Shares Picture Of A Terrifying -- And Unexpected -- Poolside Intruder

Jessica Simpson shared an Instagram photo of a very terrifying and unexpected intruder at her pool with the caption, "Guess my kiddos will not be swimming today," and for good reason. The photo shows what appears to be a rattlesnake that found its way under a fence with its tail poking out. And most horrifying of all, the snake is quite large, and appears to have swallowed something that it was still digesting.

Some fans joked, saying "Are ya missing a cat?," while others asked Jessica to "take a selfie with it." Others said that the snake ought to be made into a bag or a handbag. Meanwhile, squeamish fans couldn't get over the giant snake and commented on its size and scary appearance. Some fans even gave Jessica some drastic advice and told her she ought to move out of the property.

When a snake swallows large prey, it can take hours and sometimes days for it to completely digest the food. Usually, the prey is swallowed from the head first. The snake then releases "digestive juices" that dissolve whatever it ate, according to AnimalSake. As it dissolves the prey, the snake absorbs nutrients. So the snake in the photo that Jessica took is still in the middle of an hours-long or even days-long process of eating its prey.

For the time being, Jessica's kids, Maxwell, 6, and Ace, 5, will be staying far, far away from the slithering snake. This is likely exactly what her husband, Eric Johnson, would also want. He recently got a shout out from Jessica for being an "amazing" father. She noted that, "He keeps me hot, I have to say," according to the Daily Mail. The two have been married for four years, but have been partners for eight years now.

Jessica also recently dealt with some minor drama surrounding her kids when she posted a video of Ace in a pool doing a flip while wearing a cast. This set off a flurry of criticism. Some berated Jessica for letting her son's cast to get wet, even though she had a hashtag "#waterproofcast" on the post. Others couldn't believe that she would allow Ace to do something "dangerous" which could potentially harm him again, detailed Fatherly.

However, she didn't let all the mom-shamers get her down.

"I posted Ace in the pool with a cast on because there is really no stopping a child, that's him, he only has to have the cast on for three weeks," she simply responded. "I don't even know if the cast molded on to him yet. Listen, it makes him happy and it's kids being kids. He is in my husband's hands. I know he's okay."