Joy Duggar Gets Down And Dirty With Husband Austin Forsyth

Joy Duggar Forsyth is a wife, mother, and good with a shovel, too.

Duggar Family

Joy Duggar Forsyth is a wife, mother, and good with a shovel, too.

Joy Duggar doesn’t seem to be be as social media friendly as her three sisters, Jessa, Jill, and Jinger, but every once in a while she will post a little something. The Counting On star took to her Instagram account just a few days ago to share what she was up to that day, and it included her husband, Austin Forsyth.

The Duggar daughter sent out three photos and a short clip revealing what she was doing that day. It’s rare when Joy sits in her car filming herself, but that is exactly what she did. The first photo revealed that she took a trip to the location of what looks to be a house or some type of building under construction. There was just a foundation at this point, so it was just getting started. That is where Austin was working that day. Joy decided to head to the work site for a visit, and it apparently included food as she wrote in her post.

“Love when I get to work with my man!! (I came to bring him lunch, then decided to stay and help him spread the gravel.)”

That’s right, Joy Duggar Forsyth still loves to get down and dirty. She has no problem at all doing hard work and it sounds like she especially loves to do it alongside her favorite guy. She took a photo of her dirty legs and feet as evidence that she did indeed help shovel the gravel.

There was also a cute snap of Joy and Austin’s baby boy, 5-month-old Gideon. He was sitting in a blue seat in the Forsyth vehicle with a huge smile on his face. He must have been enjoying watching his mom and dad digging in the gravel. In a few years he will most likely join his dad in helping to build houses as well.

According to Joy, it was a very hot day. She said that she was having fun despite the 90 degree heat helping Austin by leveling the gravel. She is an outdoorsy type of girl and loves to be in the woods taking in the fresh air.

Austin proposed to his wife in a beautiful area of Arkansas after taking her out on horseback. He knows how much she loves to be outside surrounded by nature. They have been married for a year now and are enjoying their first child together, but that hasn’t stopped the reality star from doing what she loves to do. She was considered a tomboy growing up and she still has some of that in her these days as well.

Be sure to watch Counting On with the new season starting up on Monday, July 30, on TLC to see more of Joy, Austin, and little Gideon.