Is Josiah Duggar Courting Marjorie Jackson Again? Photos Show The Pair Together Again

Many Duggar fans had high hopes for the courtship of Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson. However, their dreams of another Duggar wedding were dashed when the young couple collectively called it quits a few months into the relationship. However, Duggar fans may want to keep an eye out on the couple once more, as Marjorie has been spotted by Josiah's side once again.

The Duggar family recently said goodbye to their daughter, Jill Dillard, and family by hosting a fundraiser in their honor as they prepared to leave once again for the mission field. Derick Dillard posted some photos of the event, noting that the Dillards are thankful to their "prayer and financial support partners."

Derick noted that the family organized an evening of ministry, discussion, and fellowship prior to their return to Central America for missionary work. He went on to thank those "financial partners" who couldn't make it to the event and said that Dillard Family Ministries wouldn't be possible without all the support.

"Thank you also to our financial partners who were not able to attend last night! We can't do it without you!"
Derick Dillard posted this photo to Instagram showing the family's farewell party.
Derick Dillard posted this photo to Instagram showing the family's farewell party.

Though the focus of the postings were on the Dillard family and their missionary work in Central America, fans couldn't help but notice a female figure sitting next to Josiah Duggar in the photos. Some fans pointed out that the young woman looked very much like Marjorie Jackson. Therefore, some fans are speculating that the courtship may be back in order for the young Duggar.

Josiah Duggar (circled in red) sitting next to a girl who appears to be Marjorie Jackson. (Image Credit: Instagram)

If you look closely at the photo, Josiah Duggar can be seen sitting next to a girl in a beige top with long brown hair. Fans pointed out that the girl appears to be Marjorie Jackson, Josiah's former courting partner.

Josiah Duggar sitting next to Marjorie Jacks on at JIll and Derick Dillard's farewell party.
Josiah Duggar sitting next to Marjorie Jackson at Jill and Derick Dillard's farewell party.

In another photo taken from behind, the pair can again be seen seated next to one another at the table. Though the photos seem to show that the pair are still close, it does not necessarily mean they are entering back into a courtship. When they decided to end their relationship, the pair noted to People Magazine that they "enjoyed getting to know each other and build their friendship" throughout the four-month courtship. However, they said they both felt God had other plans for their future. They went on to say that their families continue to be close friends.

"Both are thankful for the time getting to know each other, and their families continue to enjoy each other's company and close friendship."
Therefore, it is possible that Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson are simply continuing their friendship without expectations of a future relationship.

The former couple wasn't the only thing spotted in the farewell party photographs. It also appears that camera crews are once again following the Duggar family. In the large photo of the gathering, people that appear to be a part of a camera crew can be seen on the far right of the screen. Does this mean that more Duggar daughter specials are in the works beyond the initial three slated by TLC? Is a new spin-off in the works that will focus solely on the Duggar daughters, Jill and Jessa?

What do you think? Could Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson enter back into a courtship? Do you think TLC is considering a new series focusing on the Duggar girls with the three "specials" as a test run?

[Image Credit: Instagram]