Sarah Ferguson’s Role Will Be Key At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding, Despite Royal Rift

Things have been shaky with the queen since Sarah's divorce from Prince Andrew.

Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice hold hands in the parade ring on day 4 of Royal Ascot a
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Things have been shaky with the queen since Sarah's divorce from Prince Andrew.

Things have been a bit touch and go between the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and the older royals since she divorced Prince Andrew, but it sounds like everyone is going to get over themselves to make sure Princess Eugenie gets her perfect day with minimal drama.

Town & Country is reporting that Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie, as she is sometimes called, has been simply trying to stay out of the way of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for the last decade or so, but she won’t be staying in the shadows for the wedding of her daughter, Princess Eugenie, and Jack Brooksbank.

It has been decided that Fergie will sit beside Prince Andrew in the front pew of St. George’s Chapel. After Ferguson, still holding the title of the Duchess of York, attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and sat in the cheap seats while her daughters and ex-husband sat with the other royals (despite attending together) there were concerns that Fergie might get banished at her own daughter’s nuptials.

Royal watcher Katie Nicholl said that Prince Philip, in particular, is not a fan of Ferguson.

“While Andrew and the couple’s daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, were at the front of the church in reserved family pews just behind the Queen, Sarah was relegated to a seat further back in the church, presumably so that she was not in sight of Prince Philip can’t bear to be in the same room as Fergie.”

Ferguson has owned at least part of the rift between herself and the former in-laws in recent conversations. Oprah Winfrey interviewed Fergie in 2011.

“I felt that I had ostracized myself by my behavior, by my past, by living with all the regrets and my mistakes.”

The Duchess of York says that she has turned a lot of things around and that her charity work has made her a better parent.

“It has certainly made me a better mother to my daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, giving me a sense of perspective, and allowing me to encourage them to use the platform they have to get involved in charitable work. It has probably saved my life, too, by giving me purpose through hard times.”

Nicholl says that Fergie will even be playing a role in organizing the formal evening affair together with Prince Andrew.

“Sarah and Andrew are helping to organize the evening party,” a source told Nicholl. “The plan is for a marquee to be set up in the grounds and dancing late into the night. Eugenie and Jack are planning the whole thing, but Sarah and Andrew are very involved. Sarah is bringing a very eclectic and exciting guest list to Windsor.”