Selena Gomez Terrified After Demi Lovato’s Overdose, Fears It Could’ve Happened To Her, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Both singer/actresses have been open about their past struggles with mental health.

Selena Gomez reportedly terrified after Demi Lovato's drug overdose.
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Both singer/actresses have been open about their past struggles with mental health.

Selena Gomez was hit especially hard by Demi Lovato’s overdose this week, and a report claimed that it wasn’t just empathy for her friend.

Gomez had reportedly been deeply saddened after learning that Lovato was taken to a hospital for a reported drug overdose, and Radar Online claims that it was also something of a wakeup call for Selena Gomez. Both of the actress/singers have been open about their struggles with addiction and mental health issues, both of them went to rehab, and both had been able to move past these issues to reach new peaks in their career.

But the news that Demi Lovato had suffered a relapse after nearly six years of sobriety was frightening for Selena Gomez, the report claimed.

“Selena is freaking out about this,” a source told Radar Online. “She feels like it could have been her.”

When Selena Gomez did a stint in rehab, she cited mental health issues and an addiction to social media that fueled into her struggles with self-esteem.

The Radar Online source added that Selena is upset at Demi’s friends for leading her down a path toward a relapse and not looking out for her along the way. There had been signs that Demi was nearing a relapse, including a number of reports in the past few weeks that Demi and friends were partying all night and spiraling into dangerous behavior.

This is not the first report to claim that her friend’s overdose hit Selena Gomez hard. A previous story from E! Online claimed that Gomez was very emotional when she first heard the news about Demi Lovato.

“When Selena found out the news about Demi, she was very upset and emotional,” a source told the celebrity news outlet. The source noted that even though Gomez and Lovato have drifted apart in recent years, the fellow Disney actresses “always shared a special bond and they still have love for one another.”

“Selena has reached out to Demi’s family members to share her love and prayers, and she is really distraught about her health,” the source claimed. “She hates that Demi has been suffering.”

Even Selena’s mom has offered her support, sharing a picture of the actresses together from their Disney days.

After being released from the hospital this week, Demi Lovato is reportedly planning to enter rehab. She has canceled the remainder of her tour so she can focus on her recovery.