Farrah Abraham Said To ‘Need Help’ For A Drinking Problem, Per ‘Radar Online’

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Movie
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is allegedly battling an alcohol problem, according to her former friend, Phoebe Price.

According to a July 27 report by Radar Online, Pheobe Price claims that Farrah Abraham needs to get some help for her alcohol issues. Price says she’s worried that if the ex-Teen Mom star doesn’t get her life in order she could end up like Demi Lovato, who was recently hospitalized for a drug overdose.

“Her worst enemy is alcohol. She has to get her life in check or she could be a Demi Lovato. It all started with alcohol with Demi,” Pheobe stated, adding that she found it hard to be friends with Farrah after they went to the Coachella music festival together.

“When you go on vacation with someone you really get to know them. We didn’t have a falling out or anything, but from all the things she has told me and the things I have seen…Until she gets real help she will never have any real friends,” Price continued.

Meanwhile, Phoebe says that Farrah Abraham is a “good mom,” but that she “feels bad for” Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.

“At Coachella she had my mom that has brain cancer to watch Sophia and then she would leave for hours and not tell anybody anything,” Price claimed. “She needs help. She said she has gone to many doctors and they say she is fine, but I know she has many issues and she needs help especially because of Sophia. I have known people with bipolar.”

However, Farrah Abraham is denying Phoebe Prince’s claims. The former Teen Mom OG personality told the outlet that she does not drink at all, and that she’s training twice a week for her upcoming celebrity boxing match. Abraham also says that she no longer speaks to Prince because she is “jealous” all of her success, which includes “running companies, working on shows, films, and being with” her daughter.

Farrah goes on to say that L.A. is “full of negativity” and that she no longer has contact with Phoebe since going to Coachella with her.

“She’s a horrible person,” the Teen Mom stated.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham was arrested in California last month after she allegedly hit a member of the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Abraham was taken into custody, and was later charged with battery. She has maintained her innocence through all the drama.