Halsey Rocks Super-Skimpy White Bikini In Instagram Bed Snap, Same One She Dared To Wear In Public That Night

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known as Halsey, the 23-year-old songbird who had a hit single last year with her contribution to the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, per Billboard, with “Not Afraid Anymore,” proved that she is definitely not afraid to bare almost all on her Instagram account, posting a sultry snap clad only in a slinky and skimpy high-fashion white bikini on Friday morning.

The Instagram post, which may be seen below on this page, appears to have been snapped after a tiring night out, as the Edison, New Jersey, native is seen in the photo lounging on a bed, with a fluffy white comforter and plush pillows, also white, as the Daily Mail reported.

The new bikini post appeared about three weeks after a more conventional poolside bikini Instagram post made by Halsey seemingly to mark her split from rapper Gerald Earl “G-Eazy” Gillum. Or perhaps it may have been simply her way of celebrating July 4, which was when the earlier bikini post went up, as the Inquisitr reported.

Apparently Halsey is not quite over G-Eazy yet. Earlier this week, the 29-year-old rapper from Oakland, California, posted a shot of himself during an onstage performance, with the caption “Big D*** Energy,” according to All Hip Hop. Halsey replied with a series of three emojis — a cloud, a tornado, and a raindrop.

Check out Halsey’s new white bikini Instagram post, below.


After posting the three emojis, leaving fans wondering what they meant, and if the weather-related symbols were some kind of comment of G-Eazy’s male endowment, Halsey later posted “lmao,” which of course is the internet abbreviation for “laughing my a** off.”

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Halsey (foreground) with now-ex-boyfriend, rapper G-Eazy.Featured image credit: Christopher PolkGetty Images

Halsey may still be laughing after posting the above bikini shot — wearing the same bikini that she wore earlier that night when she posted a shot of herself with another rapper, 27-year-old Tyler Gregory Okonma, who goes by the name Tyler, The Creator. In that shot, she wears a pair of sweatpants to cover the bikini bottoms, or partly cover them, anyway.


The white bikini clearly was not something that Halsey just happened to grab out of a dresser drawer and pull on just because she felt like it. The bikini is part of the new collection from Frankie’s Bikinis, and was displayed in the runway at Miami Swim Week, which just wrapped up on July 17.

On the Frankie’s Bikinis site, the white model worn by Halsey was originally listed at $165, but the price appears to have been slashed by more than 50 percent, to $80.