Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hints At Possibility Of Another Child

The Balwin family may be welcoming another little one in the future, according to Hilaria Baldwin on Friday.
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The Balwin family may be welcoming another little one in the future, according to Hilaria Baldwin on Friday.

Appearing on the Today Show Friday morning, Hilaria sat down with hosts to discuss raising four children under the age of 5, saying “I think it’s possible” to have more children.

Demonstrating yoga poses that help the 34-year-old fitness expert stay in shape after giving birth, the mom said her stretching often involves a child. Last month, Hilaria shared an un-retouched bikini photo of herself and her new son, celebrating all body types and empowering women to embrace themselves.

Mom to three boys ranging in age from 3 to 10 weeks and a 5-year-old girl, the 34-year-old hasn’t shut the door on more children. Her daughter Carmen Gabriella is said to believe she will have a sister, according to People Magazine.

“She does have a sister, she has Ireland, and Ireland is so wonderful and they have a great relationship,” Hilaria said during the show. “But there’s something about a little sister that she really wants.”

Ireland is husband Alec Baldwin’s 22-year-old model daughter from a previous relationship.

Although excited to have a baby in the home again, after learning she would have a little brother, Hilaria said it took some time for Carmen to get used to the idea.

“She was a little disappointed,” Hilaria said in November. Carmen responded “How about you have a girl first then you can have another boy?”

Hilaria said her daughter continued to believe that baby Romeo would be a boy.

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If the couple decides to grow their family once more, Alec will be almost 80 when their youngest child becomes an adult. But, he believes it is possible for the couple to have another child after growing up in a large family, Hilaria said.

The 60-year-old actor and Hilaria keep their relationship strong through the business of four children by continuing to spend time together when the babies are sleeping. Hilaria said “We just like each other. We’re very different, we’re extraordinarily different, the complete yin and yang, but we like each other.”

After enjoying a restful summer in the Hamptons, the couple spent time in New York on Thursday showing off plenty of PDA while Ireland filmed a project in the city.

As the couple continues to raise their family of four, fans will be on the lookout for baby bump No. 5.