Tom Brady Meets Tom & Brady, Twin Patriots Fans Named After Him

If they ever end up on the same team, there could be another magnificent era in fooball.

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If they ever end up on the same team, there could be another magnificent era in fooball.

Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots have just returned to the field as training camp is now underway for the 2018 season of the NFL. As fans from around the country flock to training camp practices, there are those of all ages who are out there cheering on their favorite players and teams. In Massachusetts, future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady was fortunate enough to meet 3-year-old twins who may have a great future ahead of them with the names of Tom and Brady.

On Thursday, July 26, the Patriots held another training camp session in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and they had a couple of very special fans in attendance. The young twins were able to meet the man who has both of their names in one and it just so happens that he’s one of the greatest NFL players in football history.

Even though he may receive the irate disdain from numerous football fans around the country, you can’t help but compliment Brady on his kindness. Upon meeting the twins, it was evident that the All-Pro just wanted to make them smile.

“You’re Tom, but I’m Tom, too. We got the same name. How cool? I got your name.”

The twins are from Hong Kong and were more than playful in meeting the Patriots quarterback.

Making things even more interesting is that Brady actually has the middle name of Julian which will also sound familiar to football fans. That name was given to him in honor of Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman’s touchdown catch in the comeback victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

According to Us Weekly, the boys were born in Bali back in April 2015, not too long after that championship victory by the Pats. Their father Brian Caffryn is a native of Connecticut and a huge Patriots fan, so he asked his wife Grace if they could name the boys after one of his heroes. Grace was happy to agree.

“Literally, in the operating room, Brian said, ‘This is Tom, Baby A, and Baby B is Brady.”

The Caffryns weren’t the only ones at training camp practices for the Patriots this week as many braved the heat to watch their team prepare for the upcoming season.

Tom Brady is 40 years old and is heading into yet another season with the New England Patriots. The team hopes that they will be able to rebound and win another championship, but there is a long road ahead of them and it is not going to be easy. Perhaps the franchise realizes that they may have a good future ahead of them, though, as one day, twins Tom and Brady Caffryn may end up playing together on the same field in the NFL.