2,500 Modern Warfare 2 cheaters banned

The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 was hacked less than 48 hours after its release. Fortunately, Infinity Ward has been almost as swift in banning the cheating C-units who were making life difficult for everybody else – late last week, roughly 2,500 players were cut off from the game.

“Top men are on it,” revealed Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling on his Twitter feed when a user asked him about the cheating. “In fact, the Steam ban hammer is coming down on about 2,500 confirmed #MW2 cheaters on PC today.”

A number of hacks were released shortly after the game’s November 10th launch, and would provide players cheating dickwads with unlimited ammo, massive XP boosts, and the ability to view the positions of all other players at all times. But not for much longer, clearly.

I’ve never understood where the fun is in having a game do all the work for you, but perhaps some people struggle to keep up when asked to play a game fairly.

[Via Eurogamer]