‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador’s Ex David Requested She Drop His Last Name, Is She Open To Getting Married Again?

Shannon Beador will now be known as 'Shannon Storms Beador.'

Shannon Beador Last Name Drama
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Shannon Beador will now be known as 'Shannon Storms Beador.'

Shannon Beador’s ex-husband, David Beador, doesn’t want the Real Housewives of Orange County star to continue to use his last name post-split.

During an interview on The Daily Dish Podcast on July 26, the mother of three told the series’ hosts that David preferred to see her drop his last name.

“It’s been requested from my ex that I’m not worthy of the name Beador,” Shannon explained.

Although David, who moved on with girlfriend Lesley Cook just months after their split was announced, doesn’t want his soon-to-be ex-wife to be using his last name, Shannon doesn’t seem concerned with what he wants and told the hosts that she intends to keep her name as is for the sake of her three children.

Shannon and David share three teenage daughters, 17-year-old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Adeline and Stella.

Shannon’s maiden name is “Shannon Storms” but she doesn’t seem to like it. As she revealed, it sounds like “stripper porn.”

“Now I call myself Shannon Storms Beador so it’s kind of like the best of both worlds,” she said.

Earlier this month on Instagram, around the time she went public with new boyfriend Scot Matteson, Shannon changed her Instagram moniker from “Shannon Beador” to “Shannon Storms Beador.”

While Shannon’s relationship with Scot is quite new, the reality star said she is open to the idea of tying the knot eventually. That said, she definitely doesn’t want to go through another divorce and will likely tread lightly when it comes to getting married to someone else.

“If I were ever to consider getting married again, I’m going to want to get to know the person,” Shannon said. “I’m not getting divorced again. Once is enough.”

Months before Shannon Beador began flaunting her new romance with Scot Matteson on social media, her estranged husband David went public with his girlfriend, Lesley Cook. As fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County may recall, David and Lesley met one another in December and began sharing images of their romance just a short time later. Since then, although David has deleted his own Instagram page, Lesley has continued to include images of the former reality star and the adventures they’ve taken together on her own page.

Also on Lesley’s Instagram page, the mother of two recently denied that she and David became involved with one another prior to his split from Shannon.

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