Emily Ratajkowski Gets Cheeky In Green Bikini With Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

In a recent snap posted to Instagram, Ratajkowski captions "Eww part II" over a loving kiss with her husband at the beach.

Emily Ratajkowski
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

In a recent snap posted to Instagram, Ratajkowski captions "Eww part II" over a loving kiss with her husband at the beach.

Sporting an aqua green bikini and showing off her assets, American model Emily Ratajkowski indulged in a loving and flirtatious smooch with her newly minted husband on social media platform Instagram just hours ago. Ratajkowski’s most recent snap has earned her over 600,000 hearts on Instagram as of the writing of this article.

The seafoam bathing suit and short bandeau top compliment her sunny bronze complexion as her husband wraps a loving arm around her waist, pulling her closer for their intimately shared moment at the beach. Behind them, the ocean presents itself in gentle waves, ranging in hue from an almost cerulean blue to something deeper and darker.

The couple got married in a surprise ceremony earlier this year on February 23, with Ratajowksi putting a ring on actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, himself a large mountain of a man with a toned and muscular physique. The two had only been dating for a few weeks prior, according to Harper’s Bazaar, and decided to finally tie the knot in a small, close-knit ceremony open only to a few friends and family — including social media icon and meme king The Fat Jewish.

Emily Ratajkowski also posted a few new pieces of media to her Instagram story recently, including two — sideways, unfortunately — videos of herself being feted by late-night host Jimmy Fallon on his seminal The Tonight Show, which aired just last evening. Wearing a snug rust colored dress that was elegant and dignified, Fallon greets Ratajkowski warmly before their segment in which she went on to discuss her childhood and her long-standing admiration for pop icon Cher according to JustJared.

A third image follows the two videos on her social media story, a professionally shot photograph that appears to get a candid glimpse of the American model as she struts her way through the streets in an orange-red dress. Cropped at the thigh and plunging low in the front, the simple garment leaves little to the imagination and accentuates Ratajkowski’s natural and often effortless beauty. The fabric has an extremely attractive and highly visible texture, giving a depth to the piece that makes it stand out from a simple crop or tank top and shorts combination. A handbag made of what appears to be chain maille with a long matching strap also of metal construction adds an air of mystery to the ensemble and suits the art nouveau style of urban chic designers on the fashion-forward front.

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The model made headlines at The Inquisitr and elsewhere just last week for her PDA laden make-out session with her husband on the streets of New York City. The couple appears to be very much in love with one another and fans across the world frequently take to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to wish them both the best.