‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Tells Nelle He’d Do Anything For Her As She Moves Forward On Her Plan

There's a chilling battle between Nelle and Michael on the way with Friday's episode and 'General Hospital' spoilers hint that things may not go according to plan

Craig Sjodin / ABC

There's a chilling battle between Nelle and Michael on the way with Friday's episode and 'General Hospital' spoilers hint that things may not go according to plan

Fans will need to brace themselves for Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that there’s a lot of action coming with this July 27 episode and it looks like Michael and Nelle will be front-and-center. Viewers watched this week as Michael and Chase orchestrated their plan to fake Michael’s death and set Nelle up for the fall, and she has fallen for their scheme. However, previews hint that things may veer tragically off course and it looks like a cliffhanger’s probably on the way.

As everybody saw on Thursday’s show, Chase told Nelle that Michael’s car brakes had been tampered with and that they’d fail after 15 miles. She asked her new husband to drop her off at General Hospital so she could check in with a lactation expert as he drove to a spot further away that had some lollipops she wanted to have on hand for her labor and delivery. He, of course, went along with her request as he knows exactly what she’s trying to do.

The sneak peak for Friday’s episode shared via Twitter shows Nelle and Michael in the car together. He asks his bride whether she knows that he’d do anything for her, a sentiment that viewers know isn’t exactly accurate, and she looks on with a rather chilling gaze. While she has it orchestrated that she’ll be safe at GH with an alibi when the car brakes fail, the weekly preview hints at a different outcome.

At some point during this drive, Michael and Nelle will start to fight. He may have asked her if she knew he’d do anything for her, but soon he’ll be screaming at her about how she took everything from his family. As emotions run high, Nelle will see something ahead and scream as Michael desperately tries to turn the wheel to avoid what appears to be an oncoming vehicle.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Digest via SheKnows Soaps, Michael and Nelle will get into an accident with another car. It seems that all of the passengers involved will face trouble, and that is definitely an ominous tease. Viewers are already buzzing over the possibility that the other car may have Brad and his new baby in it, and that could be a catastrophic situation.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that there’s also action on the way with Carly at Ferncliff as Dr. Lazarus is about to start his controversial treatment. Jason’s ready to go to extreme lengths to save her, and viewers will see drama involving the Peter situation as well.

Will everybody survive the upcoming accident or will there be heartbreak on the way for one or more Port Charles resident? It looks like Friday’s episode will be an intense one and General Hospital spoilers hint that everybody will be left hanging and anxiously counting down to Monday’s show.