Kate Middleton And Prince William Enjoy Takeout Just Like Other Londoners, Here’s What They Order

"It's a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese."

kate middleton and prince william order takeout
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"It's a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese."

Kate Middleton and Prince William are two of the wealthiest people in England. They live in a centuries-old mansion that is positively dripping with history. They will someday reign over the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth as the Sovereign and his Consort. They have access to some of the best chefs and finest ingredients in the world.

But they order takeout just like everybody else.

As Marie Claire reports, William and Kate also are like just about every other couple in the world when it comes to ordering takeout (or “takeaway,” as it’s called in British English). They can’t decide on what they want, says the future king.

“It’s a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese.”

This writer’s recommendation: get curry. After all, London has some of the best curry places in the world, from world-class restaurants with Michelin stars, to back-alley holes-in-the-wall that would rival the best kitchens in Mumbai.

Unfortunately, the future king’s tummy isn’t quite up for extra-spicy stuff. He prefers the more subtly-flavored butter chicken over the bolder stuff.

“[I’m] not so good with the spicy food.”

Now the question you’re undoubtedly asking at this point is, do they just have Uber Eats deliver to Kensington Palace like it’s no big deal?

And the answer is no, no they don’t. William stresses that they can’t have food delivered to the Palace; they have to go get it themselves. Or, more likely, they send a guy: Marie Claire UK writer Meghan C. Hills notes that you’re not likely to see William or Kate “walking into your local chippy” (“chippy” being British slang for a fish-and-chips spot).

So what do Meghan and Kate do for a night in besides order takeout? They watch Netflix! And while it would be meta beyond words if they watched The Crown (Queen Elizabeth is reportedly a fan of the show about, well, her), the topic didn’t come up in the interview. The couple did admit, however, that both Homeland and Game of Thrones are in their Netflix queue.

William and Kate have made it a priority to give their children as “normal” a life as possible. Following the example set by William’s mother, Princess Diana, the two have eschewed centuries of royal tradition and chosen to be front and center in their children’s lives, rather than passing the job off to caretakers and nannies. They take their kids to school themselves, and for a while, Prince William even had a day job.

So if ordering takeout is part of what constitutes a “normal” life, then so be it.