Colton Underwood Speaks Out About Jean Blanc’s Disrespectful Comment On ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

The former NFL player was verbally attacked by the polarizing perfumer.

Colton Underwood
Paul Hebert / ABC

The former NFL player was verbally attacked by the polarizing perfumer.

Colton Underwood is telling all. The fan-favorite Bachelorette contestant, who made headlines for his surprising virginity reveal at age 26, reportedly went head-to-head with one of Becca Kufrin’s most memorable suitors, Jean Blanc, at the Men Tell All taping. Now, Colton is telling his side of what went down at MTA.

During a particularly heated moment during the Men Tell All taping, Variety reports that Jean Blanc personally attacked Colton, saying he was “acting like a p— even though you’ve never been inside of one.”

The massive dig comes amid Underwood’s upfront discussion about his virginity, a secret he kept from almost everyone on his circle before announcing it to millions on The Bachelorette. Underwood told Variety Jean Blanc’s comment at the Men Tell All taping was disrespectful on many levels.

“I think you could tell that were some definitely some unexpected things that went on and happened and some emotions that I wasn’t expecting to have. It took a lot of self-restraint to stay in my seat when Jean Blanc made that comment because it was something that was so uncalled for, so unnecessary, so disrespectful to not only me but everybody out there in the way he verbalized the female anatomy.”

Underwood received mixed reactions to his virginity reveal from Becca’s fellow Bachelorette suitors, as well as social media commenters who have used the words “skeleton in the closet,” and “burden” when talking about his virginity. But Underwood has also received massive support from Bachelorette fans who have reached out to him.

Colton Underwood previously told Ben & Ashley’s Almost Famous podcast that “only about six or seven people” knew of his virginity before he signed on to The Bachelorette.

“It’s difficult going from six people knowing to about 6 million and they all have something to say about it whether it’s good or bad,” Underwood said, per People.

The former NFL player, who has explained that he put his dedication to sports before his dating life, was also quizzed by Chris Harrison during the Men Tell All taping. Harrison praised Underwood for coming clean about his personal business in such a public forum.

“To shine a light on that and the double standard of it’s alright if [former Bachelor contestant] Ashley I. is a virgin and it’s cute and funny, but it’s shameful if a big stud athlete who could have any woman he wants is a virgin,” The Bachelorette host told Variety of Underwood’s willingness to have an in-depth discussion about his choice.

Bachelorette fans will next see Colton Underwood on the summertime spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres Aug. 7 on ABC.