‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly’s Treatment Begins, Jason Changes Course, And Questions Leave Many Rattled

Carly's extreme treatment is set to begin, and there are questions in the air for Finn, Obrecht, and Nina

General Hospital spoilers for July 27
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Carly's extreme treatment is set to begin, and there are questions in the air for Finn, Obrecht, and Nina

Viewers have a lot to look forward to in Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Dr. Lazarus will be ready to start Carly’s extreme treatment, and Jason will start formulating a new plan to help her. Peter is still recovering at General Hospital, but both Nina and Obrecht are facing serious questions in connection to what happened to him. What else is on the way with the July 27 show?

During Friday’s show, SheKnows Soaps details that Maxie will be asking Nina how she got pulled into helping Obrecht with Peter’s kidnapping. Peter covered for Nina when it came to the authorities and her role in his disappearance, but Maxie and others had pieced things together enough to know that Nina was involved. How honest will Nina be with Maxie?

Finn will be seen talking to Peter, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Peter will lash out at Finn. He’ll bark out a question about whether Finn has any dark skeletons in his family closet. While Finn seemingly won’t get sucked into much of a discussion here, there’s little doubt that there are indeed some skeletons still lingering in Finn’s past.

In addition, TV Source Magazine suggests that Finn will be defending Anna during this discussion with Peter. General Hospital spoilers note that Peter will be critical of Anna and the choices she’s made, and Finn won’t stand for it. Teasers suggest that it will soon become apparent to Finn and others that Anna isn’t with Robin as was planned, and this should kick off a new and juicy storyline soon.

Obrecht will be in an orange jumpsuit at the PCPD and Robert will pop up ready to gloat at her. He’ll ask whether she’s ready for prison, and it looks like Obrecht won’t be in a position to fight back much at this point.

Franco popped up at Ferncliff to start some art therapy with some of the patients, and Jason overheard him mention it later to Elizabeth. General Hospital spoilers reveal that during Friday’s show, Jason will have some questions for Franco, and he’ll surely be looking for a way to get back into the facility.

The weekly sneak peek showed Jason at Ferncliff, pulling a gun on Nurse Mary Pat and an orderly, and this should be coming quite soon. As Jason is getting more and more desperate, Carly is facing this extreme treatment planned by Dr. Lazarus. General Hospital spoilers share that this treatment will begin during the next show, and viewers will surely be rooting for Jason to get to Ferncliff in time to put a stop to it.

Friday’s show will also have plenty of action related to the Nelle, Michael, and Chase storyline as well, and fans are bracing themselves for the drama ahead. General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to be intense and viewers can’t wait to watch it all play out.