Mellow Mushroom Delivers Heart-Shaped Pizza Delivered To Soldier’s Wife

Jacksonville, FL – Pizza chain Mellow Mushroom helped a soldier in Afghanistan send a special heart-shaped pizza to his wife in Florida for her birthday.

Josephine Fulker loves Mellow Mushroom pizza, so her husband, Army National Guard Maj. Shawn Fulker emailed the corporate office to ask them to deliver a pizza and a $50 gift card to her at their Jacksonville home. Mellow Mushroom made the request that much better by baking a special heart-shaped pizza for Josephine, and throwing in a few extras.

“We had the cook make a heart-shaped pizza, and then we stopped by the nearest Publix (supermarket) to get flowers and then we picked up balloons, just to kind of make it special,” Brooke Chafee, a manager at the Jacksonville store, told ABC News.

What’s more, Shawn Fulker said that if Mellow Mushroom could honor his request, he’d pay on the phone with a credit card. They didn’t charge him a thing, reports Yahoo.

“Of course we weren’t going to charge him for anything,” said John Valentino, who owns the Mellow Mushroom store in question. “Him being a serviceman and his wife being home. … Hopefully in her husband’s absence we were able to help her have a great birthday while he’s over in Afghanistan serving our country.”

Josephine was thrilled to receive her birthday present from Mellow Mushroom. “I said ‘Oh my goodness.’ I was surprised and excited and overwhelmed and all of that. It was so nice,” she said. She also noted that even the pepperoni were carefully cut into little hearts.

Heart-shaped pizza

Shawn Fulker described how much Mellow Mushroom’s gesture meant to him after learning of the free-of-charge delivery.

“I miss my wife and son so much, and seeing that photo of them smiling at my front door brought tears to my eyes,” he wrote. “When I received the email and photo from Mellow Mushroom I was sitting at my desk, and had to get up and leave the room to compose myself. I am very grateful for that moment.”

Fulker posted a summary of the event on Mellow Mushroom’s Facebook page on Thursday.


I got an email from my wife saying that Mellow Mushroom just delivered a special heart-shaped pizza along with a $50 gift card and some balloons and flowers! The GM, J.P. Morgan, emailed me and said simply ‘We got you bro’ … Thank you so much for this J.P., and please pass my thanks along to your team,” he wrote.

As of Monday night, the post has earned 65,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

What do you think of Mellow Mushroom’s heart-shaped pizza act of kindness? I’m thinking I might enjoy some Mellow Mushroom tonight.