‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Raven Gates Talks Engagement To Adam Gottschalk: It Certainly Seems On The Horizon

It sounds as if 'Bachelor in Paradise' lovebirds Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are likely headed toward a wintery engagement.

is a Bachelor in paradise engagement on the horizon?
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It sounds as if 'Bachelor in Paradise' lovebirds Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are likely headed toward a wintery engagement.

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk generated a lot of buzz during Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, as they developed a sweet romance. They navigated some twists and turns during their season, but they’ve been a couple since last year, and she recently relocated from Arkansas to Texas to live with him. Fans are anxious to see the two get engaged, and it sounds as if that’s probably not too far down the road.

Gates talked with Elite Daily about her relationship with Gottschalk, and it’s clear she’s head-over-heels in love. Raven said that social media posts are often something of a facade, especially in relation to romances, and Bachelor franchise fans know that can be especially true when it comes to couples from the three franchise shows. Luckily, what Raven and Adam post seems to truly reflect their relationship.

The Bachelor in Paradise star says that she always gets butterflies whenever she talks about her beau. Raven adds that she’s not that type of person typically, so she takes that as a sign that he’s truly the one for her. Now that Gates has moved to Dallas to be with Gottschalk, the idea of an engagement seems a logical next step. Is it coming soon?

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Adam and Raven didn’t go the route of getting engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise finale last summer like some other previous couples have done. Fellow contestants Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan did get engaged during the reunion show, but they split not long after. Gates and Gottschalk wanted to take their time in developing their relationship, and it definitely seems the pieces are falling into place almost perfectly.

Gates says that just the other day, Gottschalk asked her if she would be all right with a winter engagement. Raven says that she told Adam yes, but then said she didn’t want to hear anything more about it. The Bachelor in Paradise star said she wants to be surprised and excited when it does happen, so it sounds as if he’s on his own from here on out in terms of planning.

Raven said that hopefully, Bachelor in Paradise fans can expect to hear of an engagement soon. Fans are definitely invested in this duo’s relationship, and BIP supporters have been stalking both Adam and Raven’s social media pages for months now after some hints a while back that a proposal might be coming. Both Gates’ and Gottschalk’s social media posts get filled with questions about getting engaged and even having babies, and it certainly appears that these two are headed in that direction.

Will Adam Gottschalk be ready to put a ring on it this winter and take his Bachelor in Paradise romance with Raven Gates to the next level?