Jinger Duggar Reveals Sweet Moment That Made Her Cry After Baby Felicity’s Birth

Baby Vuolo finally arrived a week ago.

Duggar Family / Duggar Family Facebook

Baby Vuolo finally arrived a week ago.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has gone through her first experience with labor and delivery and husband Jeremy was there with her every step of the way. Felicity Nicole was born on July 19 at 4:37 a.m. in San Antonio, Texas, which is over two hours from their home in Laredo. Special moments of the reality star’s tale of giving birth are starting to trickle out slowly. Us Weekly has been reporting various details ever since the baby arrived and the most recent report is all about the emotions that went on as their first child came into the world.

The Duggar daughter explained how emotional she was at the moment that their daughter was placed in Jeremy’s arms. She ended up in tears watching her husband and the baby girl together for the first time. She described herself as “melting” as she watched him cradle Felicity in his arms.

The 24-year-old new mom described just how strong Jeremy was while she was in major pain during the labor process. She didn’t exactly indicate if she was actually in a hospital in San Antonio for the baby’s birth, but it does sound like she was in some sort of medical facility since the term “delivery room” was used. Jeremy was quite an encouragement for his wife during this time, as she told Us Weekly.

“He was right there beside me the entire time, giving me encouraging words to press on. There were several times I told him, ‘It hurts so bad, I can’t do it anymore.’ And he’s say, ‘I know it hurts, but you’re stronger.’ I could not have asked for a better partner.”

Now that the family of three are home, Jinger and Jeremy are adjusting to their new normal, but they are definitely not complaining. In fact, the new parents are taking the time for the first few weeks just enjoying these special moments with the newborn. Jinger Duggar calls everything that has happened so far “incredible.”

Felicity has been spending her first week in a well-designed nursery that her two aunts, Jessa and Jana, decorated before her arrival. It’s done up in a southwest theme, as Jinger dished. The room is painted in soft grey and has the crib by the wall with a comfortable chair close to it. It looks very cozy and just perfect for the Duggar baby.

Who will be the next Duggar girl to make a baby announcement? Most fans are guessing that newly married Lauren will be, or already is, pregnant. She and Josiah just recently married last month, but babies seem to pop up pretty quickly in their family.

Be sure to watch a new season of Counting On next Monday night on TLC to see Jinger and Jeremy’s road to parenthood.