Lauren Cohan Reveals ‘Walking Dead’ Contract Dispute, ‘It Wasn’t Actually That I Was Asking For [More Money]’

Lauren Cohan as Maggie in The Walking Dead.

During the last several months, it has been rumored that Lauren Cohan may be exiting The Walking Dead because of a salary and contract dispute. Lauren Cohan debuted on The Walking Dead during Season 2 as Maggie Greene, and she has remained a beloved character ever since. Maggie outlived the rest of the Greene family, and she eventually became romantically involved with Glenn (Steven Yeun) and pregnant with their baby. Glenn was brutally murdered in front of Maggie by Negan, and Cohan’s character received more depth because of this. She is currently the leader of The Hilltop Colony.

Like the comic, The Walking Dead series is famous for killing off popular characters. This adds intrigue to the show because no one is seemingly safe. A couple of years ago, we saw the death of Glenn, and fans worldwide mourned the loss of the adored character. Last season, Carl (Chandler Riggs) was killed off, and fans lost it. With Yeun and Riggs no longer a part of The Walking Dead, and with the recent announcement that Season 9 will be Andrew Lincoln’s (Rick Grimes) last, fans are afraid that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie will be the next character to meet their demise.

Maggie and Glenn of The Walking Dead.

Well, there’s good news for Maggie fans, at least for now. As heard in the audio below, Maggie’s story isn’t finished yet. Lauren Cohan was recently a guest on Radio Andy, and the actor discussed her future on the AMC series, as transcribed by Cinema Blend.

“In a time of parity in the industry and in my show, it wasn’t actually that I was asking for [more money]. It’s that my contract finished. So that’s a pretty standard renegotiation. It’s also sort of time for me to explore comedy and happier fare, so the good news which is good for me and I hope good news for fans is that my Walking Dead story is open. It’s not finished.”

Cohan added that a mentor of hers told her last year that she should stop trying to decide, and that she should just do all of it, and that’s what the actor is seemingly doing. The Walking Dead actor co-stars alongside Scott Foley in ABC’s upcoming action-comedy, Whiskey Cavalier, set to debut in 2019. Variety recently reported that Cohan is only in a handful of episodes in the next installment of The Walking Dead, and Deadline reported that Lauren Cohan will be in six of the eight-episode fall half-season. Time will tell if Cohan’s character will remain on the show past the next season, but at least fans can look forward to Maggie in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, which premieres on AMC on October 7.