Kim Kardashian Accused [Again] Of Donning Blackface, Getting Lip Fillers

There's a fine line between an artificial tan and blackface, and Kim might have crossed it.

did kim kardashian put on blackface
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There's a fine line between an artificial tan and blackface, and Kim might have crossed it.

Kim Kardashian West is accused once again of artificially darkening her skin, as well as getting lip filler injections, in an Instagram post that has raised eyebrows across the internet, The Mirror is reporting.

“Blackface,” for those not familiar with the term, refers to the old-timey practice of white entertainers blackening their faces and hands with charcoal in order to take on the appearance of African Americans. The performers would then take on comically exaggerated stereotypes for the sake of getting laughs out of the audience. Though it’s been out of practice for a century, it’s still offensive.

Though rare is the white celebrity (or regular person) who literally puts charcoal on their skin for the sake of performance or shock value, by some measures a white person wearing skin-darkening makeup is tantamount to blackface. Nowadays the practice, even if well-intentioned, would be considered cultural appropriation at best, and racist at worst.

Obviously, Kim didn’t paint her face with charcoal or take on exaggerated and offensive stereotypes. But she did, however, appear to darken her skin quite a bit, as well as show off impossibly-puffy lips – a look that most observers believe is impossible without surgery.

Check out the Instagram pic below: is Kim’s skin darkened to the point that it’s offensive?

According to the caption, Kim was just trying to drum up interest in her cosmetics line. But few viewers took notice of that, instead focusing on her unnaturally dark-looking skin.

“Caramel skin tone? You are not black Kim?”

“I think you trying to look black.. but I like you still thou”

Other Instagram users noted that Kim’s lips looked impossibly large and pouty, especially considering that her younger sister just days ago ditched her own pouty-lip look.

“It is not beauty! It is surgery you loser.”

This is not the first time Mrs. West has been accused of donning blackface. Last June, as Channel 24 reports, Kim appeared in a photo shoot with similarly-darkened skin. So offended was the internet that she was forced to issue an apology.

“I would obviously never want to offend anyone. I used an amazing photographer and a team of people. I was really tan when we shot the images, and it might be that the contrast was off.”

As it turns out, Kim is already embroiled in another controversy that’s obliquely race-related. As the Inquisitr reports, Kim is also taking heat for straightening daughter North West’s hair. Since North is half African American, her hair is naturally curly.