LG eXpo Revealed With WinMo 6.5, Pico Projector, Other Perks

I haven’t really been excited about a Windows Mobile 6.5 device until now, that’s because LG has just revealed the LG eXpo a WinMo 6.5 touchscreen based device that offers a pico projector add-on for extra business type functionality.

Users also receive a sliding Qwerty Keyboard, 1GHz CPU and a 5MP camera, while a microSDHC card slot can support up to 16GB added memory.

While the device may appear a bit bulky (it is), you can detach the Texas Instruments projector and just use the phone as you see fit.

The eXpo arrives at AT&T on December 7th for $199 with a two year contract and a mail in rebate. However there’s a catch, that pricing doesn’t include the projector which will run you another $179 on top of the $199 cost.

While it’s not the best integration we could have hoped for, it should be a nice addition for traveling business people looking to more easily tote around their presentations. [SlipperyBrick]