Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Type 2 Diabetes need not be inevitable.

Type 2 Diabetes need not be inevitable.

There are some natural remedies or treatments patients can take to prevent or mitigate Type 2 diabetes. Natural treatments often fall under two categories, namely, diet adjustments and lifestyle changes.

  • Clear the body of toxins. When it comes to preventing Type 2 diabetes, it seems like the consensus is that it is best to cleanse the body of toxins first. For instance, Wellness Mama suggests taking a high quality probiotic to help intestines heal from the damage caused by toxins. After cleansing, the body is better prepared for change.
  • Try plant-based or herbal remedies. There are some herbs and plants that people can incorporate into their dishes or meals to help decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes. For instance, aloe vera, from the plant of the same name, does come in a juice or tablet form. According to Diabetes UK, studies have concluded that aloe vera can decrease the fats found in the bloodstream. Meanwhile, variations to ginseng have been proclaimed as a cure-all for diabetes. Studies have shown that American ginseng, in particular, can decrease fasting blood glucose.
  • Control the intake of foods that could increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. According to Dr. Axe, certain foods can further aggravate symptoms of diabetes and lead to a Type 2 diagnosis. People who wish to prevent or mitigate the metabolic disease should decrease the number of foods they eat that contain refined sugars and any gluten-containing grains. Studies have shown that refined sugar and gluten-containing grains can lead to an increase in blood sugar. Other foods that should be avoided include alcohol, GMO foods, and hydrogenated oils.

  • Incorporate foods that can treat diabetes. Make sure to incorporate healthy foods that can help control blood sugar levels as well, like foods high in fiber and chromium. Fiber and chromium help in glucose absorption and tolerance, respectively.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. The World Health Organization has found that regular physical activity of moderate intensity can go a long way when it comes to preventing Type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise can help patients achieve the optimal body weight to prevent the disease and maintain it, too.

Millions of people worldwide are now living with diabetes. The number of diabetics is only expected to increase. As per Statista, there will be over 600 million diabetics by 2045. There are many forms of diabetes; the most common are Type 1 and Type 2. Of the two, people can take control of their body and prevent or at least mitigate the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.