Gigi Hadid Is Edgy And Chic In Behind-The-Scene Photos As She Models For 2019 Pirelli Calendar

Gigi is returning to the Pirelli calendar for the second time, this time along with Misty Copeland and Laetitia Casta.

Gigi Hadid is in the 2019 Pirelli calendar.
Evan Agostini / Invision/AP Images

Gigi is returning to the Pirelli calendar for the second time, this time along with Misty Copeland and Laetitia Casta.

Gigi Hadid’s vibe is portrayed through a classic lens thanks to photographer Albert Watson’s work on the 2019 Pirelli calendar. She’ll be featured alongside other successful women, including the popular ballerina Misty Copeland and Laetitia Casta, French supermodel. Gigi has previously appeared in the 2015 Pirelli calendar.

In behind-the-scenes photos shared by the Daily Mail, Gigi is seen wearing several outfits. One is a gorgeous all-white dress that she models in front of giant wall-to-ceiling windows that overlook a cityscape. In another, she’s wearing an oversized sweater with loosely curled hair. Also striking is a photo where she is sitting next to designer Alexander Wang on a couch. Alexander is depicting Gigi’s best friend, whom she can feel at ease with and find solace.

The concept behind the calendar is “women playing a movie character role on the way to achieving goals in life.” The photos were taken back in April in New York and in Miami, and the photoshoot took 10 days to complete.

Each photo is artistically shot with a backstory in place, with each model playing a certain role. For example, Gigi was asked to depict a lonely but wealthy woman plagued with sadness. Her apartment is her safe space, and her best friend accompanies her from time to time.

Misty Copeland, on the other hand, depicted a stripper that’s working hard to support herself with a boyfriend that lives in a small house, detailed the Telegraph.

Albert Watson is a celebrated portrait photographer who’s produced iconic images in both the fine art and celebrity worlds. Many of his photos have been front covers on fashion magazines, and he has worked on campaigns for some of the biggest names out there, including Prada and Gap, according to his website.

And back in 2015, Gigi graced the November page of the Pirelli calendar. That year, the photographer was Steven Meisel and there were 12 models in total. At the time, she was only 19 years old and was featured among some of the most highly-sought-after models at the time.

Gigi is believed to have resumed a relationship with Zayn Malik, especially after she was seen sporting some big gold hoops with their first names engraved on them, detailed the Inquisitr. Also, Gigi’s mom, Yolanda, shared a photo of Zayn with her dog hanging out on his shoulder, reported the Daily Mail. The photo served as further proof for fans that the couple is back together again.