Ryan Reynolds Explains How His Mom Helps Him Squeeze Into The Deadpool Suit

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool Cast at Comic Con
Kevin Winters / Getty Images

E! Online sat down with the cast of Deadpool 2 at Comic-Con this past weekend. The interview, similar to the film, was filled with dirty and fun jokes. When the interviewer asked Reynolds about the infamous red and black costume, he said that he doesn’t have to deal with the chaffing of wearing such a tight costume anymore.

“Oh I got that down for the second movie,” Reynolds explained. He then continued saying, “It’s a very specific system. It’s a homemade recipe my mom came up with. She lives in Vancouver so she can come over and get it on me before we shoot.”

Reynolds’ mom was actually in the audience during the interview, playing along with the joke.

Reynolds then said, “She did the whole cast before we got her,” continuing to play along to the chaffing joke.

The interviewer then asked Reynolds if he’s allowed to cuss in front of his mother, being that Deadpool is filled with cusses. He joked saying that they usually “beep it out,” but then went onto say “Yeah, she’s heard it all, I’m the youngest of four boys.”

Ryan Reynolds and Mom
Ryan Reynolds and his mom Arthur Mola / Getty Images

The cast were at Comic-Con to promote the release of Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut which is an extended version of the theatrical release. It features alternate jokes as well as extended and deleted scenes. Reynolds said that they shot so many alternate versions of every joke that they could basically release a different film.

According to the Washington Post, the cast teased a little bit of Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut at a panel and fans were all for it.

Reynolds Instagrammed his appreciation of attending the event and being Deadpool. He posted a photo of himself at the panel with the caption, “Being the drunk uncle of the Marvel universe is a responsibility I take seriously. Loved bringing the #Deadpool2Super Duper F’n Cut to #SDCC — out on Digital August 7 & Blu-ray August 21”

Reynolds is also slated to voice the title character in Detective Pikachu out next year. The movie is based on the Pokemon franchise. According to his IMDb, Deadpool 3 has also been announced as well as the film X-Force in which Reynolds will be reprising Deadpool for both of them. Neither films has a release date set yet.