Claudia Schiffer Steams Up Instagram With Sexy Bikini And Lingerie Shots

Just one look at Claudia Schiffer and it is hard to believe she is 47 years old now. While she isn’t working the catwalk these days or jetting around the world almost every month for a high-profile photo-shoot, the German-born supermodel can still work the camera as can be seen on her Instagram account where she still rocks a bikini like a pro, and looks great in lingerie. She also dusts her account with some throwbacks for fans that miss the old days. After 30 years in the modeling industry, Schiffer can still strike all the poses and look good from any angle.

Since her modeling career has slowed down, by choice, Schiffer has moved into a new life after her divorce from magician David Copperfield, and a new career launching various products she collaborates on, and of course what she says is her most satisfying job, being a mom.

Schiffer was 17 when she was discovered in a Dusseldorf discotheque according to Vanity Fair. She had a reputation for being an ice queen in those days, something that followed her around even after she left the world of haute couture modeling. Schiffer said in her interview, however, that it was never her intention to be cold, or perceived that way; she was actually just terrifyingly shy, as she related to InStyle during an interview.

“I always thought it was hilarious, there I was, trying to be superman when in real life I was Clark Kent. When I told my friends I was moving to Paris to be a model they laughed and said, ‘That’s funny, you’re never going to survive’ because I was so shy. But I realized when I had makeup on there was a transformation and I didn’t feel like shy Claudia from a small town, and I could do outrageous things.”

In 2002, Schiffer stepped away from modeling to begin her family. Her first born, Caspar, is now 14. He is followed by Clementine, 12, and Cosima, 7. She is residing in London and married to Matthew Vaughn who is a film director. She has a project with a shoe cobbler from Florence, Italy; a book with Rizzolli in the works; and if that wasn’t enough, Schiffer is also collaborating on a haircare line, hosiery, knitwear, and a limited edition line of makeup. Not modeling certainly doesn’t mean not busy for Schiffer.

Schiffer did walk the runway this year at the annual tribute to Gianni Versace which included appearances by Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni, and Helena Christensen, reuniting some of the biggest names in modeling from the ’90s for one special night.

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