Meghan Markle Was First Approved By Kate Middleton Before She Married Prince Harry

Prince Harry sought Kate Middleton's approval of his future wife-to-be, as he considers Kate a 'big sister he never had.'

Meghan was approved by Middleton.

Prince Harry sought Kate Middleton's approval of his future wife-to-be, as he considers Kate a 'big sister he never had.'

For Prince Harry, getting Kate Middleton’s opinion of Meghan Markle was super important before he moved forward with marrying her. According to Marie Claire, Harry sought Kate’s “seal of approval.” So he set up a special meeting between the two ladies, which was thankfully a “success,” detailed Elle.

Their first meeting took place in November 2016, just four months after the couple started dating. Later when Meghan and Kate met again in January, Meghan gave Kate an early birthday present, which was a journal, reported Harper’s Bazaar.

Some believe the reason Prince Harry is so close to Kate Middleton is because she’s taken on a sort of big sister role. Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana, when he was only 12 years old. And although “there was no filling the hole left by [her] death… Kate has helped fill some of that gap.”

Royal reporter Kate Nicholl also revealed that Kate worked to set Harry up with potentially good matches while he was single. So it must have been a great moment for her when she realized that she could give Meghan her stamp of approval, knowing that Harry would be happy with her.

And Kate has enjoyed having Meghan join the family, even with all of the attention being focused on her and Harry lately. Apparently, “Friends say that [Kate] is thrilled that the spotlight isn’t on her at a time when she wants to enjoy being with her family and remain relatively low-key.”

Sure enough, Kate certainly has her hands full with three children now, George, Charlotte, and baby Louis. But she still takes time to make herself available to Meghan and to give her the guidance she needs as she transitions into her role as Duchess. This has included Kate sharing her favorite designers to spending at least once a week together with Meghan, said Hello Magazine.

Of course, Kate’s close relationship with Harry means that she’s extra interested in Meghan’s well-being. At the same time, Meghan has shown her gratefulness to Kate and has gifted her a dream journal and friendship bracelet.

And perhaps in the midst of all of the unseemly drama that’s being stirred up by Meghan’s side of the family, it’s probably nice to have a stable foundation of new family members to keep her grounded. From Meghan’s dad reportedly faking a heart attack, to her half-brother writing embarrassing letters to the queen, it’s no wonder that the royals have decided to stay silent instead of responding to the Markles.