‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Week 4 Eviction Looms As The ‘BB20’ House Is Torn Between Their Options

The 'BB20' contestants are having a hard time coming together on a decision regarding the Week 4 eviction vote

Sonja Flemming / CBS

The 'BB20' contestants are having a hard time coming together on a decision regarding the Week 4 eviction vote

It’s almost time for the Week 4 eviction on Big Brother Season 20 and spoilers hint that the house is feeling torn over which way to vote. There have been several BB20 blindsides already this summer and it may end up being that another difficult, contentious vote is on the way. How are things shaping up heading into Thursday night’s show?

As was previously revealed via the Inquisitr, Faysal won the Power of Veto competition and saved Haleigh over Kaitlyn. This sparked some drama with Kaitlyn, who felt betrayed by Faysal, and Rockstar was put up as the replacement nominee. Both women have been campaigning to stay, and everybody in the BB20 house knows that there’s an opportunity for the evicted houseguest to return right away.

According to Big Brother Network, there is potential drama ahead with this Week 4 eviction vote. JC is determined to see Kaitlyn leave while Tyler would prefer that she stay and Rockstar head out the door instead. Tyler and JC have had numerous discussions about this over the past few days, but they haven’t been able to get on the same page.

The votes are definitely looking tight on this next eviction, and it may end up needing a tie-breaker from Sam. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds detail that Sam has told JC that she’ll just do “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” to pick between Kaitlyn and Rockstar, and this surely doesn’t sit well with JC considering she’d previously promised to vote however he wanted since she’d scared him at the POV ceremony.

Several BB20 houseguests have bounced back and forth this week on whether they will vote against Kaitlyn or Rockstar. Brett has led both Tyler and JC to believe he’s voting with them, and Bayleigh has indicated that she wants to vote however the majority goes. Kaycee and Angela have been waffling, and there was a lot of discussion among the players Wednesday afternoon with the vote coming right around the corner.

As the Twitter page @BB_Updates details, Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee have been talking about how things shake out if Kaitlyn goes versus if Rockstar goes. They think they’ll be in a solid place if Kaitlyn leaves, and there was talk about how loyal Rockstar seems to be versus how dangerous Kaitlyn could be with her social game. The women also noted that Kaitlyn has had a solid amount of influence over Tyler and Faysal, making her that much more of a threat.

Kaitlyn spent the afternoon talking to various houseguests and Big Brother spoilers detail that she was feeling confident with Rachel and Angela seemingly on her side. She worried about not getting definitive answers from either Scottie or JC about their votes, and things got a bit tense as Sam and Tyler discussed the vote options. Sam questioned whether Tyler might be working with Kaitlyn, but he swore that he’s not as close to her as many believe. He sees Rockstar as a threat, but Sam’s not so sure.

Big Brother spoilers indicate that Sam also told Rachel she’d use a random way of deciding who to vote for if she were stuck with casting a tie-breaker and she said things are out of control. As houseguests like Rachel, Brett, Bayleigh, and Angela discussed, everybody seemed to just want to have a decision in place. However, they were all having trouble coming to a consensus about who to keep. Many seem to agree that Kaitlyn is unpredictable but potentially useful to keep around.

Which way will the vote go Thursday night? Will the evicted houseguest manage to win her way back into the game right away? The Week 5 Head of Household competition could become an interesting one after this vote and fans will be curious to see where things head next. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother spoilers as Season 20 continues, and tune in to CBS Thursday night to see how the group ends up voting.