German Serial Killer Accidentally Kills Himself During Solo Sex Act In His Prison Cell

The man electrocuted himself while tying a lamp cord around sensitive areas of his body.

German serial killer accidentally kills himself during solo sex act.
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The man electrocuted himself while tying a lamp cord around sensitive areas of his body.

A German serial killer known for inflicting sexual violence on young women has claimed his final victim — himself.

Authorities said Egidius Schiffer died after accidentally killing himself during a solo sex act in his prison cell. As the New York Post reported, the 62-year-old man suffered a fatal electrical shock while tying a lamp cable around his penis and nipples. Ironically, Schiffer killed his victims in a similar manner, strangling the young women he kidnapped after raping them.

As prison officials noted, the German serial killer’s complicated sex act ended up sending a fatal electrical shock into his chest.

“He removed a cable from his bedside table lamp. Then he wound it around his nipples and his penis and stuck the end in a power socket,” Candida Tunkel said.

Schiffer earned the grim nickname the “Aachen Strangler” for his crimes, and his murders drew widespread attention in the region of Germany where he claimed his victims. The murders took place between 1983 and 1990, and he was caught and arrested for the murders in 2007. Police claimed he would pick up victims as they were hitchhiking, then tied them up and raped them. Some of the young women he killed were buried in a nearby forest.

Schiffer’s bizarre death came just a few weeks after reports of a new potential serial killer in Germany. After a 56-year-old man was caught allegedly trying to poison a co-worker at an industrial supply company, police connected the man to the deaths of 21 other employees. Police said the other employees have died in the last 18 years, many of them from heart attacks, the Independent reported.

After catching the man putting a substance on a co-worker’s food, investigators tested the substance and found a highly toxic but tasteless substance that can lead to severe organ damage. Police also said that the man tried to produce toxic substances in his home.

“Authorities broadened the investigation after other cases of illness at the company in recent years emerged. Two employees are in a coma and another man is on dialysis,” the report noted. “Officials are also now re-examining all deaths connected to the metal fittings company since 2000 – in particular, 21 former employees who died before retirement.”

Authorities said they do not believe that the German serial killer who died in his prison cell was the victim of foul play, and said he was not suicidal before the accident that claimed his life.