July 25, 2018
'Fuller House's' John Stamos Tells Lori Loughlin To Turn Off John Mayer & 'Turn Jesse On'

It's hard to imagine a cuter onscreen couple than John Stamos's Uncle Jesse and Lori Loughlin's Aunt Becky from Fuller House. After all, audiences watched them meet and fall in love on Full House 30 years ago -- in 1988 -- and fell in love with their pairing along the way. Their chemistry can be seen in every scene and it's been enhanced by the close friendship the two actors have built off-screen, which was noticeable recently when Stamos trolled Loughlin on Twitter Wednesday in the most adorable way.

It started when Loughlin shared the following on Twitter.

"I cannot listen to @JohnMayer 's STOP THIS TRAIN without sobbing. It's one of my faves but causes instant puffy eyes...oh the dilemma????"
Apparently, this bothered Stamos for a very important reason, and he let his co-star have it in a playful way. He replied the following back on Twitter, though he was probably sitting in the next dressing room.
"Excuse me! We're shooting a romantic scene today - NO PUFF EYES, turn @JohnMayer off and turn Jesse on."
Well, this seemed to amuse his co-star since she immediately retweeted his missive to all of her 257,000 followers. There is a good reason these two are so at ease with each other.While you may think having worked together for 30 years is enough of a reason, the two child stars actually go back even a few years earlier than Full House. Both Stamos and Loughlin got their acting starts on daytime soap operas as teenagers, so they would see each other at personal appearances and graced the same teen magazine covers.

Stamos was a heartthrob on ABC's General Hospital, where he played Blackie Parish from 1982 -1984. Blackie was part of a band (with Jack Wagner, Loughlin's current co-star on her other show, When Calls The Heart, as the lead singer!), the Rift Raft, where he fell in love with a troubled girl (aren't they all?) named Lou. While he wasn't the one who murdered the girl, he blamed himself and went to prison for the crime.

Loughlin, on the other hand, portrayed young ingenue Jody Travis on the Edge of Night, also on ABC. Jody fell in love a few times, mostly with good guys but when she fell for Preacher, there was all sorts of trouble. One of her last stories was having her mind controlled by subliminal perception at the local video disco, which was run by former Eight is Enough star Willie Aames. The year was 1984, so the writers were paying homage to the George Orwell novel of the same name.

That's a long time to know each other -- and that bond comes through. Now about that romantic scene they're shooting...