Demi Lovato Overdose: Authorities Found Drug Paraphernalia In Singer’s Home, ‘ET Online’ Reports

The LAPD says it found drug paraphernalia, drug remnants at Demi Lovato's home after alleged overdose

Amy Harris / Invision/AP Images

The LAPD says it found drug paraphernalia, drug remnants at Demi Lovato's home after alleged overdose

There has been a flurry of information emerging since news of Demi Lovato’s alleged drug overdose on Tuesday. Initial reports indicated that the superstar singer had overdosed on heroin, while newer reports say it may have been methamphetamine or another substance. The singer was said to have been saved by friends who administered a dose of Narcan after she was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills, California home, and now a new report details that drug paraphernalia was found at her home.

According to ET Online, the Los Angeles Police Department did find drug paraphernalia at Demi Lovato’s place after her alleged drug overdose. The outlet says they received that information directly from the LAPD, but authorities detail that they do not that they do not know for certain who the paraphernalia belonged to and it is not known if it was Lovato’s.

The Mirror details that the LAPD also found “drug remnants” at Lovato’s home after they responded to the 911 call. However, reports indicate that authorities were not able to identify what drug it was that was found in the home.

The police did not seize any drugs at the Hollywood Hills house and nobody connected with Demi or the partying that reportedly took place the prior night has shared much in the way of specifics with the police. Details regarding what kind of drug paraphernalia was found in Lovato’s house has not been revealed as of yet.

Apparently, the police were not confident that there was enough remaining of the drug remnants to do testing and analysis. However, the Blast says that all signs of drugs and paraphernalia were extensively photographed and documented.

Luckily, Lovato was said to be stable, alert, and awake within hours after the alleged overdose. Her family has been by her side and both fans and fellow entertainment stars have been rallying for her recovery.

There have been varying reports regarding how cooperative Demi is being with authorities and medical staff. TMZ says that there had been a group partying at Lovato’s house the previous night, but either the party had broken up or attendees had scattered from Lovato’s home before help arrived.

Demi Lovato has talked extensively over the past few years about her addiction battles and mental health challenges. She recently revealed during a performance that she had lapsed in her sobriety and reports detail that she’s been in a frightening downward spiral for a while now. She has a lot of people rooting for her recovery now and it sounds as if this may be a big turning point for her.