Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Want To Start A Family ‘As Soon As They Are Married’

gotpap / STAR MAX / IPxAP Images

Justin Bieber and Hailey may have decided to slow the breaks on planning their upcoming wedding so they can enjoy the fact that they are engaged right now. However, according to a recent report by Hollywood Life, once the couple says “I do,” all bets are off as they reportedly want to start a family of their own “as soon as they are married.”

It appears that Bieber, 24, has babies on the brain as he and his fashion model fiancé, 21, are gearing up for their walk down the aisle. The “Baby” singer apparently “love and adores” kids so much that being a father is all he can even think about right now and according to an insider, the Biebs has high hopes for “a big family.”

“Justin wants to be a dad more than pretty much anything else in the world, he absolutely loves and adores children, and cannot wait to have kids of his own. Justin would love to have a big family, and he is going to be an awesome dad—he’s already an amazing big brother to Jaxon, and when you see how he is with his young fans you can just see how much he loves children.”

It might seem a little surprising to fans that the “Somebody To Love” singer wants to get a jump start on having children right after he and Baldwin are married being that both parties are still quite young. Bieber recently tried to shut down rumors that his fiancé was already pregnant, which fans believe might explain the couple’s rush to get engaged after they were rumored to be dating for only a month.


The “One Time” singer was hounded by a paparazzo who followed him with a camera while he was in Beverley Hills over the weekend. In the end, while Bieber received an apology from the pap, he never actually confirmed or denied that Baldwin was pregnant.

While Baldwin is seemingly on board to start a family as she too “loves kids,” it turns out neither of them is looking for that to happen before they are officially husband and wife and “their shared faith” has everything to do with it as the couple wants a possible pregnancy to happen “the right way.”

“Hailey loves kids too, and they both share the same morals and family values. They’ve spoken about starting a family and it’s definitely something they want to do as soon as they are married. Because of their shared faith, neither Justin or Hailey would want her to get pregnant before they were married. That’s very important to them both. They really want to do things how they perceive to be the right way.”

Fans can breathe for now as the couple has yet to even announce an official wedding date.