American Girl becomes slightly less overpriced for Cyber Monday

One of the more prominent Cyber Monday retailers is one that may cause any Christmas shopper with a daughter to recoil in horror.

The American Girl series of dolls is a menace to the wallets of parents of daughters across the land, offering up insanely overpriced dolls by merit of the fact that many have a historical bent and thereby warrant the massive price tags. However crazy the prices are, little girls go batshit for the things, requesting all manner of expensive steamer trunks and special doll hair brushes to tend to the $100 pieces of plastic. (It could be worse, flyover states readers. My daughter knows that there’s the American Girl store 20 minutes from Daddy’s house in Brooklyn, and she can get her dolly’s hair styled for more than Mommy’s spent on her own hair all year, if her parents weren’t so mean.)

If your little brat princess is into American Girl dolls, the Cyber Monday sale is getting a bit of internet attention today for some cut rate doll accessories. Things are selling out quickly, but there’s still a lot to choose from in the sale section. Some highlights:

  • Hair-Care Kit for Dolls Price: $5 Save: $10
  • Bitty Lambie Tee for Girls Price: $5 Save: $13
  • Molly’s Chifforobe Price: $125 Save: $50
  • Bitty Twins Kitchen Collection Price: $40 Save: $56
  • Kit’s Cookstove Price: $34 Save: $34
  • Kit’s Produce Preserves Price: $17 Save: $17
  • Chrissa’s Pet Llama Price: $15 Save: $10
  • Licorice Lunch Bag for Girls Price: $10 Save: $10
  • Snowboard Accessories Price: $16 Save: $16
  • Addy’s Ice Cream Set Price: $40 Save: $28

The American Girl Cyber Monday page can be found here. Retail Me Not has a page of codes and deals for American Girl, too.